10 Tips To Cure Cancer Treatment Naturally

A recent study of ants overcoming cancer related very interesting facts have come to light. The study, a chemical found in ants cancer drug boosts the effect of 50 times. The chemical ‘scorpion grass’ name is also found in plants. Science Research magazine ‘Nature Communications’ study that appeared in the latest issue of the ants or the chemicals found in scorpion weed “sodium phosphate” to include a particular treatment of the cancer drug to eliminate cancerous cells capacity has increased manifold. The main author of the research and Professor Peter Sadler from the University of Warwick in the UK “The cancerous cells to survive, have to follow a complicated process.

When this process is interrupted, cancer cells to stop working and ends , suffers from cancer cells in the uterus are. but were in the lab during the test when used in the treatment of cancer drug ‘ use of sodium phosphate JS07 with ‘ so it has increased 50 times. Saidlar said, “when cancer effecting  cells of the uterus on JS07 chemical has been tested with so it was extremely effective.” nine foods that prevent cancer!

1. Garlic and Onion: The sulfur compounds in garlic and onions, colon, breast, lung kill cancer cells. Garlic also controls blood pressure. By reducing the production of insulin in the body, prevents tumor.

02. Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower and two powerful anti-cancer molecules in the body. Ditoksifikeshn increase production of both enzymes, which kill cancer cells and prevent tumor progression. And the lung, prostate, bladder and colon cancer are also known to reduce the risk.

03. Ginger: Fresh ginger fighting cancer cells in certain properties. And help to prevent tumor cells. Extracts of ginger for chemotherapy or radiotherapy can reduce the discomfort.

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04. Turmeric: This is the most powerful natural anti-cancer. It halts the progression of the tumor, killing cancer cells as well as enhances the effect of chemotherapy. Pepper and turmeric mixed in with the oil becomes even more effective.

05. Papaya, tangerines and oranges: These fruits are rich in vitamins and other substances found in the liver cancer are forced to go to get over yourself. Tangerine and in Chilke Flevnoids and Nobiletin cancer cells which contain the ability to stop.

06. Carrots, mango and pumpkin: Karotins cancer Ender called alpha and beta are known as powerful factor. These three fruits uterus, bladder, colon and breast cancer, are effective in the prevention of many types of cancer.

07. Grapes: The anticyclonic and Pulifenls particles produced with the help of cancer in the body may play a significant role in reducing.

08. Tomato and watermelon: These are the rich source of lycopene, which is considered a very strong antioxidant. It provides protection from cellular damage. During a week of eating tomatoes as food tenth risk of prostate cancer is about 18 per cent.

09. Beans and lentils: Lentils and beans in addition to being a rich source of protein, fiber and folate, which  can reduce the risk of  pancreas cancer. Legumes contain resistant starch to improve the health of the cells of the large intestine.