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5 Tips to increase Youtube Video Adsense CPC

5 Tips to increase Youtube Video Adsense CPC

Tips to increase Youtube Video Adsense CPC . Every You tube up loader thinks that uploading many video is best way to earning in you tube. But its not true, because most of you tube earner got 0.001 CPC only .

But today help of this topic you will learn how to increase Adsense CPC . After that you able to earn 0.05 to 0.10 CPC,Means you able to earn $5 to $10 per 1000 views.

So today i will teach you how to increase Youtube Adsense CPC in easy steps. If you doing perfect optimizing you tube video then your CPC also increased.

Most of you tube up loader focus to upload video more & more. This is big mistake,because they are not giving proper optimizing setting to you tube video .They are uploading video with Title, Description.

I will also tell you one thing that no shortcut method is available for increasing you tube CPC. If any person says that he have shortcut method of Increasing You tube CPC then he tell you lie .

How to Increase You Tube Adsense CPC 100 % Working Tricks

When you log in your you tube account then in top you able to see creator video option. But most people not know about this option. Also they don’t know what is use of this option.

Tips to Increase You tube Adsense CPC

How to perfectly optimize you tube video ? That’s most important question coming in every you tuber mind. so now i tell you how to increase CPC.

Meta Data means video title, description,keywords and tags. That’s important thing to increase you tube Adsense CPC. You tube CPC always depend on title & description. If you learn how to properly use of meta data & other things, then you able to earn per click 0.05 to 0.010 cent .

Good use of meta data in video helps you to increase adsense earning & also helps you in search engine ranking.

If you need to adsense high CPC keywords in your you tube video title & description then use High CPC Keywords List . 

Some people published video immediately after uploading. Those type video google not likes & google not rank that type video . But other side if you use CPC in your you tube video then your video visibility increased. Also if you add insurance type keywords in your you tube video then earning is doubled. Because Google pays high earning in keyword insurance.

If you still not understand what i say then i will tell you in another words.

    1. Descriptive title with keywords :-  Means always use keywords in your title.
    2. Add Links Additional :- Post video related links or other links in your you tube video .
    3. Use Proper test in description : – Always write 300 plus words in your description in your you tube video , because this seo method same works as your website.
    4. Keyword Anchor : – Use anchor keyword in your you tube its increase visibility of your another video . So you got good views that’s mean your earning automatically increased.
    5. Choose Category :- Always choose good category of your video.
    6. Picture Thumbnail :- If you use Picture Thumbnail , its attract more visitors on your video.
    7. Block Low cps keyword url in your adsense setting . Here is Low Adsense CPC List .

At last i will tell you one thing that you are not able to boost your you tube Adsense earning like your website. But if you follow my above steps then you easily able to boost your CPC.

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