7 Yoga Postures to Reduce Belly Fat

If the life of the body to be healthy and have some fun. Pay attention to your health is the primary duty of every human being, but unfortunately very few people pay attention in time to their health. As a result they are prone to several diseases prematurely. And in health issues such a hassle that it is quite common is obesity prevalent. Today many people are suffering on account of their increased weight, in fact, people are so upset about the weight loss industry has been standing in the thousands of crores.

Friends, thousands of weight loss methods are described, but without the side-effects of these methods, which method provides a long-term solution, that is yoga. And so today we share with you to yoga for weight loss effective 7 postures.

Yoga To Reduce Weight

Kapalbhati Pranayama (Breathing Exercise)

The yoga to the clean, quiet and open atmosphere, choose the place. Then took a seat as general posture sit mat. His right leg over the left leg sitting and take a Left foot liable under thigh. It is fashioned after the posture, breath is put out, and the stomach inside and shove. This action should be five minutes in the morning.

Abdominal fat loss is a panacea solution. The posture of the body weight is lower. The beneficial effects of yoga helps in reducing obesity is on, it also enhances the beauty of faces together. Dark circles under the eyes to have someone complain if they should Kapalbhati everyday posture. The difficulties of those who suffer stomach Kapalbhati can find freedom from diseases of the stomach.Constipation , abdominal pain, sour belching, hyper acidity and other diseases of the stomach is over the Kapalbhati. Kapalbhati positive energy in the body that leads to communication and memory. Kapalbhati links to throat disease destroys.

Some important points:

⦁ Kapalbhati posture in the morning is extremely beneficial.
After cleaning ⦁ stomach (after defecation) should only Kapalbhati posture.
⦁ Kapalbhati posture should empty stomach and not eat anything until after half an hour.
⦁ Saran knot patients, pregnant women, and this posture should not Drdi gastric ulcers.
⦁ body if they had any type of surgery after taking the advice of a doctor should do this asana.

Anulom inverse pranayama / Anulom Vilom Pranayama in Hindi

Anulom opposite way

Choose a good place to take the posture of submission. Sitting cross-legged in his usual pose of the Mud Bike (legs Apply / es on the ground as food by the way). Now, his right hand resting on the right knee to give the vaccine, Left and Left-hand thumb of the nose holes to interrupt and take in deep breaths Dae orifice. Left vent holes free Daya interrupted again and take it out of the hole, ready to breathe and was taken inside. Repeat this process at least ten to fifteen times.


Anulom inverse benefit –

This posture is called pranayama purification pulse. Anulom inverse energy, blood circulation in the body is helpful. The most in human body fat, belly, hips and thighs has accumulated around. The effect of this posture is in the stomach. Belly fat also decreases. Anulom opposite feeling in the body quickly, as well as the additional weight of the body is brought under control.

Naucasn Yoga / Naukasan Yogasana in Hindi

The way Naucasn

नौकासन naukasanaTake first of all deposits posture, facing the side of the sky, lie on your back straight. Directly adjacent to the waist, hold hands, and the land and put your palms. About twenty-five to thirty seconds you remain in the same currency. Then gradually move to a common currency. Repeat two to three times Naucasn.

(Note – Any pain in the body, or, when feeling the strain more than usual immediately go back to normal.)

Naucasn benefits

Goodly portion of the stomach around the belly button to make it a healthier posture. The effect of this asana also strengthens our digestive system. When food is properly digested in the body does not accumulate extra fat and weight control also stepwise. Naukaasn to the small intestine and large intestine of our body to get exercise. The posture-related intestinal diseases not prone to continual stepwise. And intestinal disease associated with someone so he followed the advice of the doctor regularly, do Naukaasn can get rid of diseases of the intestines.


 Balasana Yoga

The way Balasn

बालासन BalasanaTake the first seat deposits, behind the knees, go down on his knees by the side of the Mud.  making the body weight, and breathe in and bend forward. Now you arms straight and palms on  the ground and should be fitted. Make sure the front of your chest to your thighs and knees should in earth . Also, your head should touch the ground. This asana three to five minutes and then take a rest posture Repeat four to five times.


Benefits of Balasn 

This asana is very useful to quickly lose weight. Stomach, hips and thighs fat decrease the posture immediately. Balasn continual use of the body’s muscles are stronger. If the stomach is exposed belly, and the belly button shirt button is on the outside Jankne Balasn you will solve this problem in a few days. This posture for five to ten minutes every day, in the morning will start in the stomach immediately.

 Yoga Cycling

Yoga how to Cycling

Laying lie on your back posture straight. You must face towards the sky. Now lift both legs off the ground. If you run the same way as real cycle start running round and round in the air pedal.Remember when this posture you should be engaged both arms straight and palms from the ground and must be ground. Straight while cycling, then down to the same period while paddling or cycling. The exercise in the morning until ten to fifteen minutes. Feeling more tired when taking break in between lie down, relax in the common currency.

Yoga Benefits of Cycling

This exercise removes fat from the legs. Doing Yoga Cycling knees are strong. And the exercise of our abdominal muscles become strong enough. Yoga shortness of gas in the stomach and is also cycling, and also decreases abdominal fat frozen.

 Setubandh Asana

The way Setubandasana

Setubandasana setubandh asanaLie back seat first deposit. Home to the sky and placed. After that, consult your tax both knees together Mud soles of both feet firmly on the ground to make deposits. Apply directly put both his hands on the ground. Now breathe out, removing the backbone and gently press the soil. Now deep breath, consult your feet on the ground, press the filling inside. Now to the part of your waist and take up as much as possible. Akad minutes in this state to be closer to normal breath, leaving out lie.

Benefits of Setubandasana

This asana strengthens the backbone of the body and is straight. It is a good exercise for the waist part. Setubandasana vertebra (spine) becomes flexible. The posture of the neck is relaxed. To strengthen the body’s muscles and stomach to remove excess fat are key attributes of the posture.

Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskar Yogasana

Surya namaskar sun salutationSun Salutations and a posture of the person is not required to.It is a complete exercise. So it can tell by all the exercises at the end of the list is written here.

How to greet the sun

This exercise is carried out in twelve steps:

  • Stand erect with folded hands first. Breathe in and raise both hands to add to prayer pose.Now add both hands miss out breath.
  • In the second stage, keeping both arms straight up and move and bend backwards as possible.Note the waist balance. In the second phase, when you breathe it.
  • Exhale and bend forward at the third stage, leaving his right arm and leg Dae and the image of the palm land. Left and Left-hand palm near the foot of land and wills. The currency also stand for a while.
  • Now breathe in the horse walk into the operating currency. While your right leg forward with knee bent Bic bring both hands. Now take a left leg from the knee on the ground and in the sky above your head as possible and try to raise. Stay in this posture for a while.
  • Now breathe in the penalty posture currency please. Ie your right leg back. Penalties complete body posture you should be in flat posture, and the body weight of the hands and feet should be on toes. The currency of the home front and should be. Such a while, stay tuned.
  • Breathe in the sixth stage, leaving the Ashtanga asanas come out to visit. Since it has been named to the position in the currency’s two-toed feet, two Guntone, chest, hands and chin (beard), the eight limbs of land attached. In addition to these eight limbs, not touching any part of the land to hold the currency. Stay in this state for a while.
  • Now breathe in the seventh stage of the coal-seat please. This posture is also known in English Cobra posture. On the strength of coal-claw hands in posture, bend both elbows to the chest slightly lifted up, and raise the value of the home.
  • Now breathe out, leaving the currency Fall in mountain shape. The currency in the hands and feet on the ground claws attached. The home ground and is aligned with the hands.
  • Now breathe in again in the ninth stage, the horse walk into the operating currency. This time with his left foot forward with knees bent while Bic bring both hands. Now the right leg off the ground, take a knee and the sky above your head as possible and try to raise. Stay in this posture for a while.
  • Out of breath, exhale and bend forward at the tenth stage and hand Padasn currency please.Ie, bring your right leg forward and his right hand near the righthand leg, do let your palm and land. Left and Left-hand leg of his palm and put in the ground. The currency also stand for a while.
  • Take a step inside and breathe in the eleventh seat go hand regeneration. That’s all the money in the second stage please. Hand up and back as possible and move on. Balance waist. The exchange continues in a while.
  • Tadha asana currency in twelve steps into the sun salutation exercise complete. Tadha asana keep breathing in and out directly from the hands, face and the front would keep standing. Keep the body straight in this posture.


Other useful rugs to reduce obesity

  • padavrittasana
  • Pavanamuktasana
  • dvicakrikasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Konasana
  • pasuvisramasana
  • uttanapadasana
  • Hlasn and
  • Ardhhlasn also help.

Besides, many asanas also help in keeping the body healthy and fit. If you write a whole book detailing all the rugs can be Licki. Therefore, the information in this article is provided primarily rugs.