9 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Lose Weight Without Dieting First seven days of any kind of alcohol, wine, beer or Soft drink (except club soda) is prohibited.

Must drink at least ten glasses of water per day for seven days.

First day:   Eat the fruit in addition to bananas. The choice of fruit to eat fruit.Especially eat watermelon.

Second day: Salad and vegetables t hey only eat raw vegetables which can be eaten raw or cooked pasta or boiled. Roast potatoes with a little butter for breakfast.

But this day I was told to eat boiled potatoes and onion masala crush builds up in the same way as boiled potatoes . Crush the spice to make parathas are built. It is filled too full stomach.

Third day:   Vegetables and fruits. No limits, eat all you want. Still do not eat bananas. And do not eat potatoes.

Fourth day: Bananas and milk. Today eat eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk. Soup made with it in the manner set forth in the drink.

Fifth Day: On this day we eat cheese (not cook) and tomatoes. Drink some water, and more.

Sixth day : cheese and vegetables. Eat all you want.

Seventh day: Brown rice (boiled rice to your ordinary account). Obtrusive fresh fruit juice, and canned vegetables.

Soup Diet Plan in Hindi for certain: At least six onions, large Tomato, capsicum and cabbage soup for seven days, as the create a drink.

The day that you are allowed to eat vegetables can cook vegetables. Only a spoon or butter  can be used every day.

When the diet does not feel like much of being on dieting. Whenever I have this feeling soda (club soda) takes the lemon and black salt.

Although this diet plan is forbidden to drink milk tea, but so we can give a advice .

The third day will show the difference in your body. On the eighth day, see themselves in the mirror& you see you looking good.