According to news British scientist on the verge of finding HIV cure

London. If the new treatment is successful of the hiv then its a mile stone , the new test to confirm HIV treatment, British scientists are on the brink. Without treatment, this virus causes the deadly disease AIDS New Therapy infected with the HIV virus with the help of a British person to be free of the disease may become the world’s first person.

The ambitious 44-year-old finished testing the treatment is the first of 50 people. Britain’s five major universities, University of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London and King’s College London scientists and doctors are prepared to treat it. I took in every part of the body, the HIV virus to destroy it is the first Therapy.

If treatment is successful, then the test will be … 
it will create hope for the treatment of incurable disease of HIV and drugs that will save millions of pounds spent. Preliminary tests showed that the virus could not be detected in a person’s blood. But the person will have to wait a few months to confirm that the correct treatment, the disease is permanent or not. The test involving Mark Samuels told the newspaper: ‘This is the first serious attempt to treat HIV is full. We are looking for real possibility of HIV treatment. It’s a challenge, but progress is extraordinary and so early.