What is Affiliate Marketing & Earn $100 With Affiliate Marketing

When i starting blogging then i am only know about Adsense. I don’t know about Affiliate Marketing . There are many person who really don’t know about Affiliate Marketing . For her this is Rocket Science. But don’t worry today i will tell you What is Affiliate Marketing & Earn $100 With Affiliate Marketing.

I will tell you one thing that  Marketing is better than Adsense . Because this marketing area is so wide. And we easily got product related to our blogging. So Learning Affiliate Marketing and FAQ read below step by step.

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What is Affiliate Marketing

You are not understand Affiliate Marketing easily. Reason is simple because this marketing platform is so wide, so we are easily understand this. Affiliate Marketing is made with thousand of companies.


Yes when we searching a definition comes who says Affiliate Marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commissions to an external website for traffic of sales generated from its referrals.

Thousand of companies offers Affiliate program’s. For example When we buying hosting from any web hosting then hosting web site have affiliate marketing. You able to sign up from hosting web site affiliate link . After sign up you are posting this web hosting  link to your blog or website . When a user buying hosting threw your link , then you got commission from that web hosting company. You also able to post banner, links in you web site desired hosting company.

How to Earn with Affiliate Marketing

Okay now question raise how to earn with Affiliate Marketing. First of all i need to tell you that there are thousands of company’s available in market who offer affiliate marketing service . When we sign up any company affiliate program’s then that company provide us links,banner, or html code . You need to use that all codes or ads in your website.

When a visitor comes to your website & buying product threw your link. Then you got commission from affiliate company. Other words you earned commission in that company. One interesting things ones your program’s run good then you earn $1 to $1000 per day or per month. But if you earn good money then first things is minimum count of visitor is 5000 , then you will earn income.

1.Which Affiliate Program’s suitable for you ?

This is big question & main question for you which affiliate program’s suitable for you . Then answer is also very easy. First of all you check which type of post you doing in your website, then choose suitable affiliate programmed. Other hand you also joined product like T-Shirt,Shoes,bags , gifts, because in this products have very good income.

2. Affiliate Marketing VS Adsense

Which is better for income affiliate marketing or Adsense. Then its depends on your Niche Blog , means which type of blog you are running. Many person earn millions from Google Adsense & other people earn millions with affiliate. Its totally depend on your niche blog. One thing also tell you that affiliate marketing only successful in English blog , other language blog its not running good.

3. Can We able to use Adsense With Affiliate Marketing

Can we able to use adsense with affiliate marketing  , my answer is no problem to use both in same site. Because adsense allows affiliate marketing. Its not violet adsense term & condition.

FAQ About Affiliate Marketing Program:

In this post i try to tell you all about affiliate marketing . If your mind raises any question about affiliate marketing then feel free to asking. Because i am thinking one thing  Sharing is Caring .

If we have any knowledge of any thing , then why we are not sharing with each other. My opinion teach all people about any things.