AIDS New Medicine Comes 2020 Who Cure Completely HIV

New Delhi : To eliminate HIV, the virus causing AIDS researchers claim to have new pharmaceutical formulation. The researchers claim that the new drug will eliminate the root of the deadly HIV virus. According to researchers, both men and women were studied by including a name Activation 702. 5400 under which people will be ready to test the new drug. The first drug to be used in areas where the highest average a thousand people are suffering from the virus.
May be the panacea
For the moment this new drug, researchers have begun a trial in South Africa. If you get the result in favor of the new drug to eliminate HIV may come in handy under panacea.

2020 will result
According to reports, 60 per cent if the drug proves effective HIV virus from infected people will avoid. The new drug is currently being tested, the results of which will be in 2020. Please tell that from 1988 to spread awareness about AIDS World AIDS Day is observed every year on 1 December.