Apple iPhone 8 fingerprint reader given in the back of iphone

A new iPhone8 sketch (Diagram) shows that the Apple fingerprint reader can move the phone back and the camera module can also be changed. Thursday’s report said, “In addition to replacing the fingerprint reader , Apple Dual Camera module can also be added, which will be in the back of the phone.”

This change in the camera module will add some type of aggregated reality (AR) function.

The news is that Apple’s next generation iPhone8 will be a new bold design and will have an OLED display in it.

The company is bringing its ‘True Color iPad Pro’ screen technology for the first time in its smartphone, which matches its color and brightness according to the surrounding light.

As you know already that iphone 8 release date is may be in September. This time iphone comes with new technology which is you never see before. Apple company now introduce wireless charger in new iphone.