Apple iPhone 8 will be in the frame with stainless steel glass sandwich design

Apple iPhone 8 : Much of Apple’s upcoming iPhone device 8 has revealed information about many of the revelations. The iPhone is now connected to the new revelation comes in 8, which the design of Apple this time removing the glass back panel of the All-metal design can use. The iPhone 4 and Samsung’s new flagship phone found on. Sandwich Glass design used by the company is named. iPhone¬†came through the iPhone, according to Apple’s new device will use the 8 stainless steel metal frame lam.

Publication of the report said that “the next generation iPhone is expected to be used in the traditional removal of the aluminum cover design, the new design will be used. Metal frame with glass frame in which to use. ”

According to information in the iPhone 8 will have support for wireless charging. Foxconn, according to a report revealed the iPhone needed to support the wireless component makers also have begun. Nikkei Asian Review report used in the iPhone 8 support wireless charging feature can be exclusive for only premium Variant.

What is Specialty in New Design of Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 in glass design has been given no information about the company. So long as no explanation given by the company in this regard can not be sure of that. It will have to wait for the announcement of the company. According to a report in the iPhone 8 to design the Sandwich Glass said. The Securities analyst Ming-Chi Q Kejiai few months ago indicated that year launched by the design of the iPhone 8 will change. According to the analyst, Apple iPhone 8 will be in front and back glass panels.


The rear glass is used in the iPhone 8 ,so it would not be the first time in 2010.Before the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the company had to use this design. After which the company replaces the All-metal design used.

So far, according to the reports, the iPhone can display 8 Oelidi. According to some information, the iPhone 8 company can launch two different models. One 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, while the second variant of the 5.8-inch LCD display can display Oelidi. According to reports, the new iPhone also introduced new chipsets A11 and the wireless charging will be. Capacitive fingerprint sensor will be available on the iPhone display.