Benefits of drinking Green Tea

Benefits drinking Green Tea is unbelievable. Since Green Tea or green tea or green tea reaches several different health benefits. Therefore the number of people around the world who use its growing and today it has become a very popular drink worldwide. Let us try to understand why Green Tea What are the advantages of:

Benefits of Green Tea

1. Green Tea and Heart Disease:

Green Tea reduce  the level of cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease and stroke. Even after the heart attack, it prevents cell death and increases the speed to become heart cells again working properly.

2. Green Tea and little protest:

Green Tea in Polyphemus which is an antioxidant such as free radicals and fights against. Namely aging and longevity promotes fights against skin rashes.

3. Green Tea and Cancer:

Green Tea helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Green Tea and Vitamin E in the antioxidant Vitamin C and 24 times to 100 times more effective. It helps to protect body cells from cancer . Daily habit to drinking green tea cure cancer completely.

4. Green tea and weight loss :

Green Tea  helps in weight loss. This  and little lights and naturally Metabolism (metabolic rate) increases. Burn 70 calories in just one day. Around 3-4 kg weight loss in one year is equal to.

5. Green Tea and Skin:

Green Tea protects the skin from free radicals present in the antioxidant. These free radicals in the skin wrinkling and skin aging give rise to such problems. Green Tea also helps in the fight against skin cancer.

>6. Green tea and arthritis:

Green tea rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis) helps to prevent and reduce the risk. This cartilage (cartilage) destroy cartilage by blocking the enzyme that protects the lender.

7. Green Tea and Bones:

Green tea is high in fluoride, a chemical found. It helps to keep bones strong. Green tea drink a day if you have your Bone Density (bone density) helps maintain.