Bermuda Triangle mystery finally be solved

The world’s most mysterious place called the Bermuda Triangle. This is the area around it suddenly disappeared from the passing everything is leaked. Water ship or plane, which went around the Bermuda Triangle, he disappeared forever. It is not known exactly what to do there, so what is the strength that will swallow anything and anything disappeared with in a minute.  But recent NASA satellite has photographed some of the earth, which can remove the veil of mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

 These clouds hovering over the Atlantic Ocean located in the Bermuda Triangle is also the picture. Bahamas and Bermuda scientific shocked after seeing a picture of the clouds.Because some clouds looming over the Bermuda Triangle were completely different from ordinary clouds. Satellite photos clearly showing the size of some clouds hovering over the Bermuda Triangle Hexagon Hexagon is like that. According to scientists, these are not usually the size of the clouds. Six armed with satellite photographs of clouds near Bermuda were excited to see the scientist. Satellite picture shown below these clouds that look like the hexagons at a speed of 274 kilometers per hour winds were stormy.


The stormy winds or tornado in the sky make wave 45 feet high. Given the strength of the wind tornado Scientists named the Air Bomb. Air Bomb bomb that made the air that comes in the way everything is destroyed. Wipe out the returns. The Air Bomb Made in the air strikes, down the sea. As a result, the high-rise waves start. Rising sea waves that swallow everything nearby that hold power. The Bermuda Triangle full of mysterious forces in 1609 for the first time came up for discussion. When passing through the English ship the Sea Ventures suddenly disappeared. After that all the aircraft and the water in this part of the sea after the ship went missing forever.

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