Best Tips to be a Successful Blogger

Blog making is so much easy , but making your blogging successful is so difficult. After making new blog , publishing article is so much easy . But you have confidence to be a successful blogger. Today in this tutorial i will teach you or give you Best Tips to be a Successful Blogger.

Many blogger earning million of dollar threw blogging. Are you want to be earn million dollar, so lets learn tips to earning.

Mostly blogger have question in mind , how to got success in blogging . But no one give proper answer. Like a example who made the English language , do not know proper English. Same formula apply in blogging, successful blogger not know how they got achievement.

Blogging Trick Who make you Successful Blogger

Before processing i need to tell you one thing , this tips & tricks from my personal experience. If you not like any tricks , feel free to ignore. Because all thought from my mind  & comes from my experience. But i am sure that all tips you like which i will share today.

Regularly Update your blog

I earn lot’s of money threw blogging & my Alexa Ranking growing day by day. Because i am regularly update my articles. And my most of readers waiting my new articles. World top most blogger using same tips to attracting million of user in their websites. So now you thinking what is benefit to regularly update articles.

  1. Updating regularly articles brings lot of visitors in your website. Because audience is waiting your new article , this helps you increasing your traffic.Your website is Popular very soon threw this trick.
  2. Search engine also index your website so fast. So you regularly got lot of visitors threw search engine.
  3. You making your different personality in internet. Users starts to giving your name in their website for example.
  4. As you know today every one learn new technical skills. Because there are comes so many technologies , and most of people don’t know about it. But threw your post they learn all this technical information.
  5. I will talk many successful blogger & all they said if you want achievement in blogging they you need to update your post regularly.

You need to Learn More

I agree with you that if you thinking that you are know very much in blogging  & you also know most of things in blogging. But over confidence falls you in deep blackout. If you not able to attract so much visitors on your website then its worthy for you .

My advice to you learn daily different things. Because learning give you updates in your mind , and you will also teach your viewers. Mostly bloggers shares personal experience in their blogs like me. You will also share your personal thoughts about blogging in your blog.

So when people learn about your thoughts then they became fan of you . And they share your experience in different blogs.

Use Social Media Power

Social media is great power in today’s expect. Evert person in internet using social media . So my advice is use social media for improving your website popularity and visitors . I will show you some statistics how much people using social media .

Facebook :- 1.86 billion monthly active users.


Twitter : – 317 million monthly active users


Google Plus :- 2.2 billion users on Google Plus 


As you see in above pictures how much people is using social media . So not think what is power of social media, you not able to ignore social media. If you want success in blogging then keep engagement with social websites. Make good pages in social media , where you share your articles . This help’s you increase your fan following , and your blog became popular with the help of social media.

Write for Readers

Many time i written topics which is demanding by viewers. This is calling writing for your readers. Many my viewers like my blog so much and they promoted my website in their friends blogs. Why they are sharing my website , because i giving knowledge which they demanding. So their are some benefits to writing for your readers .

  1. You got topic for writing new topics, so you not got problem to writing new topics idea . Because you audience asking some question to you  & you make topic this questions.
  2. When your member knows that you are writing daily new topics  , then they come daily to your website. I have so much topic idea in mind. But i am one man army , so i need more member to writing new topics in my website.
  3. Keep in mind one thing when you are writing topic for any users . Then do not forgot to mention user name in your new article. This gives you benefit because user which name you mention in your article , 100 % share your article. So you got free promotion.

Ignore to Repeat Mistakes

For writing article creativity is most important things. Creative content always going viral on internet. Also creating content gives you best results.

Every person not able to be a creative person, but this is not a Rocket Science. You only need to keep one thing in you mind , write you article in easy way . Also use some creativity in your topic.

If you are writing your articles in stupid way , then user start to ignore you blog. So when you realize that people are not comes regularly in your blog , then you need to find reason of that mistake.  But remember one thing when you doing mistake again & again, this spoil your blogging carrier. So Ignore to Repeat Mistakes.

Use Google to Famous Your Blog

Google Search engine is Number one search engine in the world. No other search engine defeat’s the google yet.

So my point is use Google power to famous you blog. Now you thinking how that possible so here is some point to work with google.

      1. Write google friendliness articles on your website.
      2. Always follow Google Webmaster Guidelines in your blog or website.
      3. Make lot’s of Quality Back links for website. Hers is guide How to Make Quality BackLinks Free
      4. Always remember Google terms, if you follow all terms then google gives you prize. Top rank in world.

At last i want’s to tell you one thing . Do not do blogging for money , always do blogging for passion. Because if you are doing blogging for money then you never be success in blogging. So keep in mind one thing that & repeat in mind that I wanna Be a Successful blogger. Then you got Success in blogging.