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Breast Cancer Symptoms in Early Stage

Breast Cancer Symptoms in Early Stage

  • Breast cancer is a curse for women. O If it is so deadly, and survived even have breasts to get through the operation. And personality of any woman without breasts loses its charm. If you are female and are not aware of breast cancer, so be aware … go. So you keep the illness. So let us know what are the primary symptoms of breast cancer, how to prevent it in the beginning can be healing. And we also know that in the case of negligence, you may have to pay what price. We also need to aware  about breast cancer treatment cancer symptoms:
  • In the beginning we do not see signs of breast cancer, but as it grows …… some symptoms begin to emerge.
  • A lump in the breast or armpit be. Such lumps are usually painless but can occasionally slight prick.
  • Swelling in the armpits grow.
  • Initially, the size of a grain of rice is equal to the lump.
  • Pain in the breast or breasts or breasts tighter than usual, to be soft.
  • Automatically get a scratch on the breasts.
  • Breasts color, size or temperature change.
  • Nippls size or discolouration, or they go to spots. Be itching or tingling in Nippls be.
  • Nippls fluid or bleeding, although sometimes it may be for other reasons.
  • Lack of information and because of shame, most women with breast cancer is a serious doctor after taking .
  • Mammography can detect breast cancer tests. Does not cost much to get mammograms. After 30-35 years of age, every woman should undergo the test course.
  • Tumor size over time increases.
  • Standing in front of a mirror with your hands on the breasts up gradually bring down. If there is a lump, you will realize. This way you can test yourself each week lump Hankstn Some possible factors that increase the risk of cancer:
  • Be a mother for the delay.
  • Baby suckle less.
  • O get started in the early period.
  • Be late menopause.
  • Drink alcohol.
  • Smoking.
  •  Reduce weight to help avoid cancer:
  • Exercise every day.
  • Reduce fat in diet food substances.
  • To reduce your weight.
  • Do not use drugs of any kind.

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