Cancer : 15 Cancer  Symptoms in Men

  • Never ignore symptoms of cancer in men .
  • People who have cancer, their weight seems to be abnormally low.
  • The necessary measures have started showing symptoms in time can be avoided.
  • The symptoms of testicular cancer may be changing testicular.


Cancer is a deadly disease which can happen to anyone. But if the symptoms of cancer, when caught in time to treat it easy. Necessary measures have begun to show signs of cancer in time and it can be avoided. If the cancer is in its first stage with ease chemotherapy, laser therapy and it can be treated by radiotherapy.

The body may have various types of cancer such as oral cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer, etc.  Men should not ignore symptoms of cancer in 15, let us tell you about the symptoms of cancer.

1 . People who have cancer, their weight seems to be abnormally low. If no effort is to reduce the body weight of more than 10 pounds, it can be seen as a primary symptom of cancer.

2 . A common symptom of cancer is a fever. Cancer patient’s immune system is weak, so the patient often seems to be a fever. Blood cancer, leukemia, etc. are often signs of fever.

3. Fatigue is a major symptom of cancer is considered. The patient feels tired unnecessarily tiring. Sometimes it is not worth working with hands and feet.

4. Bone cancer or testicular cancer, cancer pain, ie pain signals. Brain tumor patients complain of headache is living. This headache is not recovering from the primary treatment or medication, it can be considered a sign of brain tumors.

5. Unusual changes in the skin can be a sign of cancer. If a person’s skin inexplicably started to dusky or black, then this could be a sign of cancer. Yellowing of the skin fall is indicative of cancer.

6. If someone keeps longstanding constipation or diarrhea for a long time to be bothered with any of these signs of colon cancer or stomach cancer may be

7- If pain during urination or blood in the urine is detected the presence of prostate cancer or ovarian cancer, then these can be signs.

8.  Lump in the breast are the symptoms of breast cancer. Breast cancer is not only to women, men also fall into its grip.

9 .  Sign of cancer in the lymph nodes also change. Or a lump or swelling in the lymph nodes in the neck is a concern then.

10 . Are bound to be cold, cough and colds, but if the cuff is coming from four consecutive weeks, then it is a sign of cancer, should not negate it.

11. Difficulty in swallowing is a symptom of cancer. Difficulty in swallowing food and drink then do not ignore it.

12 .  Bleeding from the part where there is the possibility of bleeding. Cough, bowel movements, blood in the urine can be a sign of cancer, it went out.

13 . If smoking and chewing tobacco stains and white patches in the mouth or tongue cancer symptoms can be spotted. The symptoms of oral cancer.

14. Cancer also affects digestion. If the food is not digested well, it could be a symptom of colon cancer.

15 .  Testikals changes may be a sign of testicular cancer. Most testicular cancer is 20 to 39 years of age. In the treatment of cancer will be diagnosed earlier, it is recognized on the basis of symptoms of cancer. If you have cancer symptoms appear, contact a doctor immediately.