Cancer Cured in 42 days !   Austria’s Rudolf Breuss praktiker Claims that he already cured 45000 person from cancer

Austria’s Rudolf brush is best for treating cancer . He claimed that he already cured 45000 person from cancer with special liquid juice . Rudolf brush says he gaves his full life to making this natural juice .

Rudolf says cancer is alive on solid foods because solid food supplies protein into cancer cells . He says we defeat cancer easily if we taking juice 42 days and no solid food. He says that he already cured 45000 person for this miracle treatment who are suffering from cancer . He advise that if any person suffering from cancer then they take only juice or tea.

Rudolf says cancer cells alive threw our metabolism and if we cut supply to cancer cells then the cancer cells die easily . Rudolf made a juice which he called miracle juice and he got fantastic result of this juice . He say this juice made by organics food and vegetables . He say do not give solid food to suffering person .

This Special Juice Ingredients:

One Beet Root

One carrot

One or Two potato

One celery stick

Must be all things organic

Extract juice from the good and should not be considered any tangible thing