Cancer Treatment – To Avoid Cancer  Get Married

Cancer is an entirely new treatment method for spot. Yess … Horrible disease like cancer to be married may be effective way to unleash.  Grinnibam Cancer Center in baltimore Maryland marlene and Stewart University battling lung cancer research of married patients would expect long-term survival, are their other unmarried. Other cancers, including prostate, brain and throat also get the advantage of marriage…

Researchers says that  lung cancer a third stage non small cell lung General cancer studied 168 patients. These fertility patients 10 years and was treated with radiation.  They found that 10 per cent compared to 33 per cent married unmarried patients patients were alive after three years and also in women than in men are seeing good results.  Married woman three years survival rate of 46 percent while unmarried people having only three per cent.  Researcher Elizabeth Nicholas said that marital status may play a crucial role in the rescue of patients. The reason still do not know, but can cause social live a spirits are booming.

There are many other benefit for health to get married . So what you thinking go and do marriage if  you avoid many disease.