How to Check Who Viewing Your Facebook Profile

Hello Guys as you all know every one now using social websites . Like facebook, twitter , instagram etc. But many person wants that who are watching your profile . There are many tutorial who claiming that using this method you able to see who watching your facebook profile but no method is working . But today i will tell you a working and a great method , Which shows you how to check that who watching profile.

How to check who Viewing your facebook profile

For this you need to install a google chrome extension name flatbook . For installing this you need to go google chrome extension website and here you install this plugin. After installing the plugin you need to add this to your google chrome and then activate it.

After that you need to login your facebook account. There in left side of your facebook you see a list of this plugin. Here you find a image like  SPECS . Click on this icon then another side a tab open here you able to see who recently visiting your facebook profile . For more info i will post a video .