Coriander benefit for healthy life

Coriander is used every home . because it have so many health benefit, today we will tell you coriander health benefit. Green coriander  contains vitamins A, C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, carotene, iron, fiber, such as those high in nutrients, which protect the body from all kinds of diseases . Lets start to  know the benefit of green coriander.

1. Mouth wound  anti-septic properties in green coriander tongue and inside the mouth prevents wound.

2. Burning help 
the body’s internal and external irritation and removes stomach hyperacidity. The headache is generally consumed.

3. Cholesterol lowering
cholesterol problem is less intake of green coriander.

4. Hemorrhage disease
if there is a problem if you also nosebleed runny nose insert juice. This bleeding will stop flowing.

5 Cough  problem
Coriander root is benefit go release cough out of the body . The juice is beneficial to the patient to pneumonia.

6. Lever Problem 
coriander is intense activation of the lever. It improves the digestive system.

7. Kidney disease
coriander balances blood insulin levels and reduces the problem of kidney disease.