Dengue home remedies threw herbs

In Delhi more people are killed by dengue disease . Bed are shorting in delhi hospital . In other hand baba ramdev suggest home remedies or herbs cure for dengue. He say dengue have no cure in Allopathy , Only cure in Ayurveda.

Baba Ramdev Claims only 4 herbs is able to cure dengue fever easily . And after using four herbs no dengue any more.

What is four herbal cure

Ramdev said tinospora, aloe vera, papaya leaves and drinking pomegranate juice can get rid of dengue.

He says make juice All four herbs and drink 50-50 gram 3 to 4 times in a days . Using this juice your platelet is increasing very fast

Speaking to reporters, Ramdev said, “The Delhi government has failed in the treatment of dengue. There is no effective treatment for dengue in medical science. ”

He claim that they doing long research about Dengue & chikungunya . And after that we represent result of scientific research .

 Mukesh Kumar senior doctor and director of Chandralkshmi hosting , allopathy is no cure for dengue baba ramdev Claims . But   ‘until any drug test after at least 100 people on it have been not studied and not been certified by any government agency – How i approved Baba Ramdev Claimed.


What is Dengue Fever ?

Doctor Mukesh Says in our body 1 milliliter blood have 30 to 40 thousand platelet . And Daily thousand of platelet born & Die.

In Dengue Fever Body work is down very fast & Platelet Count also decreasing very fast . And Doctor check patient blood pressure for water supply in body.

Doctor always try to increase immunity of patient to recovering soon in dengue.

While Ramdev claimed that dengue causes of platelet loss, fever, stomach disorder – such as vomiting and diarrhea should not work and causes liver should not work but  herbs are fixes all.