Diamond businessman gives to persoannel diwali bonus cars & flats

Mumbai : The gift was presented in the Surat diamond billionaire businessman Savjee Dholakia has 400 employees as Diwali bonus as the car flat and 1260 employees. After the gifts are also very happy with the staff here. Diamond export business of the company ‘Hare Krishna’ has spent Rs 51 crore on its employees by car and flat on Diwali bonus this year. This gift was 1716 employees working in the company on the basis of the performance.

Diwali bonus gift company in 2011. It has been going on as a tradition. Last year, 491 cars and 200 flats for its employees drummer gifts were presented. While in 2014 employees based on performance incentive of Rs 50 crore was given. Drummer Dudhala- village of Amreli district in Gujarat are living. He had expanded the business through a loan from his uncle.

Your hard work and dedication, he has earned a lot of money. Drummer Drawya his son a few months ago to look for a job and Rs 7,000 for the three sets of clothes so that he had sent the Kochi to understand its importance. They understand the importance of life Drawya how a normal person would have to struggle to get a job. Traders believe that any university can not teach experience except life skills.