How To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Website In A Few Days

How to Drive huge traffic to your website in a few days. Are you thinking its impossible , but its all possible. As we all know that attracting traffic in your blog is headache for all. But if you follow my step then you surely got million of traffic in your website easily.

I got 10,000 visitor in my article in a day, so how its possible. proper stragedy making this goal possible , because many method in internet available. Article marketing is best way to attract traffic in your website.

Today i will share with you many methods which help you attract traffic in your website. You need to choose some methods in your website.

Best Way to Attract Traffic In your Website

  • First step is just turn your website post in PDF using free PDF Converter like Open Office . Then submit your PDFs to document sharing sites like Scribd.
  • Write good article related to your niche & publish in Wikipedia .
  • Time to time run a contest in your website & give good prize to your viewers. Also tell this contest in social media like Facebook & Twitter.
  • Make Google Plus page because plus google is best way to attract traffic. Millions of users available in google plus.
  • Just make a Wiki Page in your website & give education information in this page. but remember one thing don’t get be deleted this page.
  • Write Post Like 10 tips or 5 ways like articles. Because users like this type of post is most.
  • After making post in your website , share your article in different bulletin boards.
  • Just make articles in HubPages & give your website info in signature field .This send you traffic with backlinks.
  • Submit your website to relevant niche directory like InsLink (Webmaster /SEO Directory.
  • Just write technical or non technical articles, so people are ready to share your article after reading.
  • Submit your blog to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Or simply use to submit your site to over 25 search engines for free.
  • Turn your blog in to Podcast with the help of Odiogo . After that submit your website in another podcast website.
  • Make a Facebook Page and attract many people in your that page . That page help you bring more visitor on your website.
  • Twitter also good way to drive traffic in your blog or website. Because a study shows that in 10 people 6 people are using twitter. So make good profile there and daily update articles in twitter account.
  • Most important point is daily update articles in your website. I checked in many site which have many visitors , daily update articles. Reason in behind this users are getting new information daily . So they love that type of website who daily update articles.
  • Give answers or ask question in Yahoo Answers . Give link in your website this yahoo answers forum.
  • Submit your website in to Social bookmarking website like Digg & Stumbleupon .
  • Use Social share button in your website, because social share button gives good ranking signal to Search engines.
  • Today every where all people using Whatsapp . So you also be sure that you are using whatsapp sharing button in your website.
  • Don’t make your website bad, always try to clean your website neat and clean . Means do not use many pictures or plugin in your website , Because they make your blog so bad.
  • Submit your blog in to BlogEngage .
  • After creating post in your blog or website you just need to submit Pingler & pingoat .
  • Also make sure that your blog or website have good SEO Score & you are using Yoast Seo .
  • Submit your website in best directory like Dmoz because they are automatically submit your website in many search engine.
  • Submit your website in like Coolsite so people gives review about your website.

I mention all steps in this article which is possible way to drive traffic. If you using all methods or some method , i will sure you 100 % got traffic from search engine.

After trying this method in your blog share your experience with another users.



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