How to Earn Money threw YouTube

You tube is another good service of google. You tube made by google to watch online video. But some people don’t know that you tube is good source of earning. So today we learn in this video how to earn money threw You Tube.

As you know you tube , blogger, Adsense is google service. For the help of all this google service we will earn money without any investment. In you tube we upload video & earn money threw you tube. So today we will discus method earn with you tube (Make Money Online ) .

If you are interested to make money with you tube & you able to make video for you tube . Then you make money online to give time to you tube.

You tube channel is loyal community for uploading video. Before proceeding next i wanna tell you one thing that many people earning crore rupees in a month threw you tube . If you are not believe then here is proof :-

you tube earner
you tube earner

I thing now you believe in my word . But earning threw you tube need to give some time & effort.

How to Earn Threw You Tube

  1. First of all you need to create you tube channel.
  2. After that you need to upload video in you tube channel.
  3. Enable Monetize video .
  4. Connect your Channel to Google Adsense.
  5. You done to Start earning money threw you tube.

All five things is necessary to start earning threw you tube. Without this thing you are not able to earn money .

What things you need to Earn threw You Tube

For earning threw you tube need some things , without these things not able to money . So before we start get ready with these things.

Step 1 : 

Amazing Voice : When you are creating video in you tube , then voice is matter . Great voice attract more people in your channel. So when you making video then first focus to make you voice good.

Dashing Style : Next thing we consider to making video is you style. Show you dashing style with you tube viewers . They makes you famous personality .

Talent : You have talent to teach people , use this talent for earning money . More people learn from you , they got back you more viewers.

Quality Video : Make you tube video in good quality . Today environment all people like quality things, so maintain this in your video .

Step 2 :

Now we are done first step , so we are moving in step number two .

Camera : Making video you need Camera. Without camera you not able to make video . If you are make video threw computer screen recording then use Camtasia software.

Editing Video : You need to learn about video editing , that makes your video so good.

Computer : If you are thinking that without computer making money , then its impossible. Because making money threw mobile is wasting of time.

Audience : Before making you tube channel need to make good audience. So consider to make good audience threw Facebook, twitter & Google Plus . Without audience making money is impossible.

Step 3 :

Okay now we start to how to make you tube channel & starting earning.

Create you tube channel : Making you tube channel first we need to You Tube & login with your gmail id. Because you tube is services of Google , So we not need to make Separate channel.

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Upload Videos : After creating you tube channel need to upload 2 to 3 video on that channel.

Upload - You tube -Video
Upload – You tube -Video

Enable Monetization :  Now time to enable monetization on your video . When you enable this then your earning is starting in you tube.

Enable - Monetization
Enable – Monetization

Connect Adsense to you tube Channel : When we enable monetization next work to connect our channel to google adsense . Because which ads are showing on channel they are come from Google Adsense.

Time to Make Good Video : Now all set so we need to move forward to making good video. My recommendation is make video in topic tutorial. Because people are love to watch tutorials of different subjects.

Now you are thinking how to get millions of views in your channel . Then don’t ignore power of social media. Help of social media you able to get many views , so connect your channel with your social viewers .

In this topic i try to teach you how to earn threw you tube channel . If any question comes in your mind , then do not think much just comment in comment box . I will answer all Your valuable question.