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Easiest ways to Destroy Kidney stone Naturally

Easiest ways to Destroy Kidney stone Naturally

Effective treatment for kidney stones is one of the stones of Naturally.Take  60 ml Lemon juice mix with Organic olvie oil . After making this juice drink this juice and you feel comfortable after drinking this. Also This lemon juice and olive oil goods for all health.

pathri ka upchar
                        pathri ka upchar

Bell can take boulders eroded water on, put a glob on an empty stomach in the morning and whole pepper, the other day, these two and the third day pepper three while seven pepper should locate, until the eighth day of pepper give a start to be reduced the number come up, using this kidney stones comes out from the bladders in two week , Remember a Bell stone will run two to three days.

Using this both Formula kidney stone comes from bladders

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