Eating Fruit & Vegetable Reduce Risk Of Cancer : cancer research

Women who eating much vegetable & Fruit when they was teenager Reducing the risk of cancer when they become mature. Because these habits also reducing the risk of breast cancer. Cancer Research study shows that In vegetable & fruit contain high level of fibers. Who reducing the risk of cancer. Because many factor are responsible of cancer.

A cancer research study shows that women who eating much vegetable & fruit when they was in teen age reducing the risk of cancer 25 percent .

20 Years Research shows that Data 

For this Cancer study Research experiment 90,000 nurses  and they take 20 years for this research . In this research No combination found of Fruit of juice in teenage . Research consider all factors like Women mensuration period , Tumor harmons,  and also consider Fruit & vegetable in study .

This Research source from B.M.Z Magazine.

So Here is conclusion if we eat lots amount of vegetable & fruit then we reduces the risk of cancer.