Expert tips to prevent viral infections this monsoon

The effect of direct on our bodies in rain season. Because the infection spreads faster in the monsoon. So afraid of having a variety of diseases. When the viral fever occurs then the body’s disease-resistance decreases and we will increase  disease-resistant power  to eating the proper attention. If the protein-rich food eaten healthy then the  disease-resistance power in the body itself  manufactured.

Eat only fresh food because heavy food can not easily digestible. Many people in the eating food-drink leave in the viral but this can  increased disease .so eat much in viral infection because its keep our body dehydrate. Drink plenty of water because its flush toxin out of the body .

Here are some tips in use full in viral infection or fever

  1. Eat much banana and apple in viral infection . Because both fruit contains much potassium who effecting in Loose motion.
  2. Eat tomato , potato and Lemon because all contain Vitamin  C who fight with infection.
  3. Drink penalty of water because its prevent your body for dehydrate & flush micro organism out of the body .
  4. In viral fever eat green vegetable , because green vegetable contains high water who helping fight with infection.
  5. Do not stop eat curd in viral infection because curd help to fight with bacteria , also keep digestion system good and use full in Loose motion , and fever.
  6. Eat Carrot in viral infection because its contain keratin  who increase your immune system which helping to fight with virus.
  7. Garlic is also use full in viral infection ,  its contain Calcium, magnesium , phosphorus . Which help us in cold .
  8. when viral fever occurs then eat dry food , dry food contains much jink who help in fever.
  9. Drink lemon juice in viral fever , lemon contain vitamin C , vita karotins , which increasing our immune system power.
  10. Do not eat non-veg in viral fever , because when we eat non-veg body need much power for digestion , who decreased our immune system during viral fever.

If you follow all this tips in viral fever then you see you are recovering in viral fever very soon . All tips are according to doctors or experts.