Facebook Launches Market place ,users will be able to sell your old goods

New Delhi. The world millions of people are connected to each other via Facebook. You must have heard that they are on Facebook, you can make friends, chat, or you can share your thoughts. But now you don’t need to go purchase f and selling goods on sites such as the Ebay and Quicker shall not have to go. Facebook for your users Market plus (Marketplace) announced the feature by which you can buy and sell any goods is on Facebook.

This helps users who use Facebook will be able to buy and sell goods to each other. People can sell their old things in the best prices. This feature Facebook launched the online sales platforms is tough. Moreover, these features will also offer the option of a marketplace like eBay.

Product Manager of Fecebook  Kerry  kuo told a post buy and sell things that Facebook was started in groups and had gained. Every month more than 45 million people buy and sell were facing. With the help of his new feature, Facebook is giving it Officially launches.