How to find who spy your Facebook profile

If anyone know anything about the first of his Facebook profile is Czech. Go and get some information on Facebook can be anyone. However, there are some people who have crossed the threshold of the information and to find out the number of cyber crime increases. Any personal information of the people through increased technology can remove easily. So how do you know you have no online monitoring. Today we show you how you can find out who is monitoring you online and how you can avoid it.

1. If you keep an eye on it so your social media accounts will follow. So, you do not post anything on your account to hurt the feelings of someone who. Even if you already have such a post, delete them.

For example: a girl on Facebook to change its relationship States made the photo with the new boyfriend. This poses a danger to his life.

2. However, in some cases Stalkers (which you have to keep an eye on) some false rumor spread about you and create a situation that gives the answer may come from you. Several times throughout the day in your social media account Stalkers your photos, videos, etc. to see. Along with your photos, videos or post likes this. Through social media as they try to talk to your family. If this is happening to you, your family and friends may be aware, so that through them you may not have any leaks.

3. Moreover, Stalkers even try to hack your online accounts. You would be better if there is stock that you immediately change the password to your online accounts. Enable two-step verification with your account, please everyone. The process of your social media accounts, debit / credit cards and take with the phone