How to Get Back Your Suspended or Terminated YouTube Channel

As you all know today aspect online earning is best method to earn at home. There are so many method for earning online. Some are using affiliate marketing  or google adsense in blog & some are earning threw you tube channel . But you tube channel making best method of earning . Many people are making you tube channel and starting earning. After some time they got community guideline strike or Copyright guide line strike & they lose you tube channel. But no need to worry guys today i will tell you how to get back your suspended or terminated You Tube Channel.

What is You Tube

You Tube is american based company which is registered in San bruno California. You tube is a platform where you able to share your video & earn money threw enable monetization. It is founded in year 2005 former paypal employee name Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. This company parent organisation is google. In December 2016 you tube is ranked second most popular website in Alexa .

        you tube-founders


How to Earn Threw You Tube Channel

For earning threw you tube channel is quite easy , you just need to follow step to make and earn threw you tube.

  1. First of all you need to go in you tube website and click on sign in button.
  2. After that you need to sign in with your gmail account.
  3. When you sign in after that you tube page open .
  4. You need to click on My channel icon on you tube.
  5. Here you fill your channel name and your you tube channel is ready.

Your you tube channel is ready now you need to upload channel icon in your you tube channel. Try to upload attractive icon on channel , because its attract many users.

Now you need to enable google adsense in your you tube channel , it is some difficult part of so you again need to follow some steps.

  1. first of all you need to upload a video on your you tube channel.
  2. Now you need to go you tube channel setting.
  3. After that you need to follow step of you tube monetization agreement.
  4. When you upload video after that you see a dollar sign in colour green.
  5. If your video is eligable for monetization then you tube is start to serving ads on your video.


follow the step which mention in this video

How to Got Back Suspended You Tube Channel

Some time you are not follow you tube channel community guidelines or copyright guidelines . Result of that your you tube account is suspended. But before we going forward we need to under stand you tube copyright & Community guidelines.

Copyright Guidelines

When we upload video which is already uploaded in you tube then we violet copyright of you tube channel partner. So before uploading any video we need to check copyright of video. If we not follow this step then claim has been raised and claimer fill request to you tube for suspension your account.

Community Guidelines

This is also most important part , because most of you tube channel create lost of their channel because of not follow community guidelines. So we need to follow these steps :-

  1. Do not post drug or sex related video.
  2. Avoid to upload violation video.
  3. If a video contain abusing material then also its against community guidelines.

If you need to learn more about community guidelines and copyright guidelines then go to you tube guideline page for more.

Now question is raise if your channel is suspended then what you do so answer is very simple you need to appeal your channel for reactivation. But some guys not follow proper appeal process and result is they not get back channel. So in this post i will tell you how to re-appeal against suspension for your channel.

If your you tube channel is suspend then you try to sign in then its redirect a page says unable to access a google product.


Here is found a link called Contact Us . Here you simple fill the form and appeal for your suspend channel. But here you need to just carefull do not need hard language , just write in good words like :-

Dear You tube,
I am not going against your community or copyright guidelines , you doing mistake . If possible then please reactivate my you tube channel.

You can’t believe after some time you got your channel back. but remember one thing do not appeal again and again because they have many request like you. The maximum time is 4 weeks if you not get reply the send again.Hope this method is work for you.