How to Get Google Adsense Approval in First Chance

Google Adsense ! One of the easiest way to earning money online . For using your knowledge and writing power you able to earn lots of money help of the google adsense . Google adsense trusted by many publishers and advertiser last many years. There are also another method of google adsense . But all love google adsense first. For applying new google adsense account you need to remember some things . If you follow my step then you got approval in first chance otherwise google adsense throw out your application.

Data shows that google adsense accept only 3 application beside 1000. So when you apply google adsense account you need to remember some things like minimum posts, good design etc.. then you easy approved your google adsense account in first try.

Before i tell to method to get approval google adsense i wanna told you my story in this website. Yes when i thinking how to earn money threw online then i research in internet , that how i earn money then many website and person says that google adsense is best. Then i asked how to get google adsense some says go to google and research . I research 15 days for google adsense . After that i purchased a domain , for viral blogging because people like to see new things not same topic in each site. Next i buy hosting from NameCheap because they provide my cheap and fast server . When all setup then i desgined my website with neat and clean and start posting for viral blogging and few days after i applied for adsense and  i am surprised that first attempt i got google adsense approval.

So today i will tell you how to got google adsense approval in first try :

Make email threw google application

Yes first of all you need to make a email for applying google adsense , you need to make a gmail account but i am prefer you make email threw Google Application because if you apply threw google application then they approve your adsense fast. This is the first step you need to remember if you do not wanna make email threw google application then make in gmail email .

Buy A domain & Hosting

After making a email you need to buy a domain for your website , You also make BlogSpot and apply if you don’t wanna buy a domain . But if you wanna make wordpress blog then you need to buy a domain for your niche. After that buy hosting who has fast speed because if your website have good speed then your website ranking in google search engine is very good . I preferred name cheap because they provide best support and best speed in cheap price.


Website Design

After all setup you need to design your web blog . Always remember if you design your website very neat and clean then you got approval fast . Because adsense hates bad website. I saw many people added some widget in website like hit counter, popular post etc… I don’t know why they need this things on website , so always try to make clean website.

Contact Us

Yes you need to make contact us page on website . When you apply for google adsense then google adsense bot comes in your website . Google adsense team saws your website and if your website have contact us page then they assured that your in any case if any one wanna contact with you then they easily contact you , always remember put your original email in contact us page.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy page is also you need to make in your website. Because every website have different privacy policy so before apply you need to make page of privacy policy.


This is most important page for your website if your website have sitemap page then search engine and google adsense bots finds your website easily . and your approval chance increased.

Minimum post

Many person says different views about minimum post in google adsense approval. Some says 20 then other says 30 to 35 but my opinion is write 50 posts and attract traffic threw social sites and other sources . and then apply for adsense i give you guarantee you got approval in first step.

Some other requirement is below :-

  1. Google Analytics code in your website
  2. Google & bing verification is necessary
  3. Robots . txt
  4. Alexa rank widget
  5. About us page


This video is mention you how to you need to do allz this video is made by one blogger many days ago so i posting here for your help . After that you have any question then mail me or comment in comment box.