Google Adsense Low Earning 5 Big Reasons

Google Adsense works on Cost per click & Adsense CPC up or down regularly . So its is the big reason we are not earn fix income in google adsense. But some reason are big who effect your earning or low earning. Today we will discus this big reason in this post. Fixing this problem you able to increase your CPC,RPM,CTR effectively.

Many blogger are suffering from low earning in google adsense & many blogger leaving blogging because of low earning. Actually big reason for this we do not know about google adsense. We also don’t know basic knowledge of google adsense. Only approval of adsense in not source of income . Before starting blogging with adsense we need to know all about google adsense.

Reason For Low Earning in Google Adsense

Lack of Enough Traffic : I  saw  many blogger are in hurry for earning money after approval of google adsense. They thinks that only approval is all , but they doing big mistake . It will cause bloggers career of blogging.

Now think if you have no traffic in your website then how you earn from blogging. So your first aim is write good post and attract google traffic in your website. If your website have 5000 traffic then do not dream from good income. For good income you need much traffic in your website.

If your website attract good traffic then your website also have good CTR .Now you thinking about average CTR , so its is around 1.5 to 3 %.

Your website have low traffic and still you want earn good money then you need to choose niche which CPC is high. So you need to check Google Adsense High CPC Keywords for high earning in low traffic.

Low Paying Niche Article :- That is also a big reason for low earning . May be you are writing low paying niche in your website so adsense pay low CPC in that niche. Simple thing you need to understand when you are writing low paying niche google adsense show low paying ads in your website.

For example game is low paying niche & google pays only 0.01$ to 0.03$ CPC in that niche. Some games are high paying but often games is low paying topic for google.

But you no need to worry if you are running games website . Alternate of google adsense is Amazon or Flip kart affiliate programmed.  This website gives you good earning in games website blog. Because both sites have much product related to games.

Ad Units have Low Click Through Rate :- I will tell you before that google adsense is working on click through rate. If you site have not shown high paying ads then you not able to earn good income.

In simple words if your website ads not click by visitors then your website CTR is low. So you need to use high CTR ads in your website. That’s why google adsene start to showing low paying ads in your website. So better earning in adsense maintain your CTR.

Follow these steps for fixing Low CTR in Website

  • Choose best Ads Unit
  • Do not use much ads in your website
  • Use 2 or 3 ads in blog
  • Block high impression & Low paying ads

Remember one thing which place on your website gives you low income then change ads that place. Only use 1 big size ads on website. If you are choose 2 or 3 big sizes ads in your website its cause problem. Because big size ads units take time to load in website.

Best Ads Size for Better Earning


  • 300×250 – Medium Rectangle
  • 336×280 – Large Rectangle
  • 468×60 – Banner Ads
  • 728X90 – Leaderboard
  • 970×250 – Billboard
  • Responsive ads unit (Always Recommended)

Experiment with Ads Unit :- Most of blogger used default Ads style in their blog. But if your website have different template which is not match with default ads then do not hesitate to change ads style.

Google Adsense always gives a option that’s called experiment. So i will suggest you if you doing experiment with ads then one day you surely success in adsense.

But remember one thing do not choose ads style who look different in your website template. Always choose that type of ads style who easily mix with your template.

Customize Ads Unit Style

  • Remember one thing never choose border in Ads.
  • Always use black color in URL .
  • Try to make ads who matched with your website Colors.
  • Making text & image ads increasing your income .

Check Good Ads in Performance Report :- If you wants check that which ads is giving you high income then you need to check in your setting. But for better report you need to connect your google adsense to google analytics. Follow these steps for checking best ads size for your website .

  • Go to Analytics
  • Click on Audience
  • Now Choose Overview
  • Select Resolution

Now a window open which show you best ads size for your website like this :-


So all mention steps is reason for low earning in your website. After fixing all those problem you easily able to earn fix and high income in your website .

I will suggest you one thing at last always do experiment with ads . Because doing experiment giving us good result at last.




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