Google announced to start the video messaging in Android apps

Google big announced for google apps users. Google now your Android app is going to start any video messaging feature. Hangouts in addition to updates on the app users can record videos of up to a minute to find. With the new Google play store updates this feature users will begin to meet.

Google has nearly two years ago to send videos in IOS hangouts app new feature was introduced. This feature was launched for IOS in 2014. With this app, a minutes of video you can record or store in your device to upload a video, you can send the message. What is significant is that few months already Google send limit to 10 seconds video on IOS from had a minute.

Now IOS users also able to send 2 minute video in hangout.  In its new update hangout  SMS and conversation together by showing the feature turned off. This Google says that this causes users having trouble and so they were not able to use it.