Green tea protects the stomach from breaking arteries

Your obsession with green tea protects your stomach from breaking arteries. The researchers say that the dangerous condition of the body’s major arteries are the main cause of death is slow to go away. The findings indicate that green tea is the main component of Polifinal. It is helpful in the stomach to break the aorta. In this case, the main artery to stretch it swells more.

Study Group on rats abdominal aorta using enzyme made in the beginning of the breakdown process. It came to light that the mice green tea (Polifinal) were drinking was very slow process of breaking them. Japan’s Kyoto University said Kenji Minakata Kiudr getting broken in the aorta often we do not pay attention, because it does not go down as long as long as they do not have any symptoms.

Drink green tea to help prevent swelling in it Palifinal helps the elastin production. The abdominal aorta is the major reason for the break and the arterial wall. Kyoto University head Shuji Setojaki the article pointed out recently, which is found in green tea has been shown to help in the reconstruction of the elastin Palifinal. This is an important protein dispersion and strengthens the arteries. “Vascular surgery” mentioned in the letter published by Masumoto, the Japanese people have the longest life cycle of the world. The study shows that 80 per cent of the population drinks green tea daily.