HEALTH TIPS: Mix cinnamon in milk & avoid Many disease

Milk is a good beverage. This is a necessary part of our dinner. Doctors also recommend that the morning and evening, of course, need to take a glass of milk. A glass of milk proteins and minerals that our body is found in the milk itself is nutritious and healthy. But when we put things in milk and milk it for some ayurvedic benefits are doubled. We are talking of cinnamon powder mixed in milk to drink. Mix cinnamon powder with milk and ends many dangerous diseases.
1. People who are bone pain and weakness, then they milk a teaspoon cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey taken daily. This measure comes in weak bones strength. In addition it also fixes the problem of arthritis.
2. fatal and life threatening disease like cancer to avoid regular cinnamon min in honey and milk drink. The milk anti-cancer properties. Made of cinnamon milk main problems such as sore throat pain and sore throat, etc. to be easily destroys.
3. The problem of facial blemishes, eye weakness, body weakness is caused due to lack of funding. When you drink milk with cinnamon and milk to go inside the body works and every problem related to your face and hair heals.
4. cinnamon made of annoying people with diabetes should take milk. Milk with cinnamon regulates blood sugar levels. And it gives you the advantage in diabetes disease.
5. Many times the problem is that the food is not digested in the body due to the increase in gas and acidity becomes. Also indigestion etc. starts. Cinnamon made from milk in an instant you could finish all of these problems.
6. Before going to bed, drink a cup of milk with cinnamon. This is where you will sleep very well. And the problem will recover your Anindra.
7. Cinnamon milk only benefits you when you do it regularly consumed. This milk is completely ayurvedic so you will not have any kind of adverse effect.
How to make cinnamon milk …
First a cup of milk layaway, and then when you are mixing milk powder of cinnamon in the anti-bacterial properties of the milk are growing rapidly. Because of which the body’s immune capacity increases. And diabetes, such as obesity problems also face the problem and heals. Making it very easy way. A cup of warm milk, add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey and drink the solution offers.