Health Tips : Simple deletion constipation treatment

Constipation treatment ,Friends, almost everyone at some time in your life is not clear, stomach disease constipation faces. In most cases, this problem goes away in a few days many people are upset because for years.

Today we have some big easy way to overcome the problem of constipation are telling you that your can get rid of this problem forever. Let us know in detail about it.

What is constipation?

Constipation is a condition in which a person’s stomach and bowel, when not cleaned properly, there is trouble. Less frequently than people who suffer from constipation defecation is common.Where people generally defecate once a day, at least 3 or more days, while patient constipation mall can not quit. For this reason it is carrying heavy loads, and the food is even distaste. Some people may also suffer due to constipation, vomiting and headache remains.

What are the symptoms of constipation?

  • Lack of bowel movement or abdominal not be properly cleaned
  • Have difficulty in bowel movement
  • Stool (plumbing / sewage) to be very hard and in moderation
  • Frequent bowel movements it should take just a little bit
  • Abdominal swelling or pain
  • Vomiting

Due to constipation

  • Irregularity in intake of food
  • Eating stale
  • Extreme Relaxation / low manual labor
  • Mental stress / tension
  • More fatty food
  • Intestinal weakness
  • Drinking too little water
  • Smoking / caffeine abuse
  • While eating more water intake
  • More turbulence in nature
  • Hot spice and eat more oily

Ayurvedic and domestic remedy to relieve constipation / Ayurvedic and Home Remedies for Constipation In Hindi

  • Triphala powder dissolved in hot water with two teaspoons mild constipation, shortness of frequent nocturnal sleep time immediately relief.
  • Harre with some hot milk or water, bahera, and equal amounts of amla powder prepared to sleep in the night before the day of taking away disease is constipation.
  • An effective way to overcome the problem of constipation is raisins. Eight to ten raisins boiled in hot milk relieves stomach continual intake. Bowel movements and becomes easily.
  • Papaya is highly advantageous in treating stomach.
  •  Eating apples and grapes is also clear the stomach. Apple juice is very useful. Drinking apple juice on the inner surface of the intestinal lining of the surgeon is the stink and Snick destruct-or. And continual intake of apple provides protection from many diseases.
  • Amla powder to remove the cause of constipation is. Amla powder before bed at night is very beneficial.
  • Amla can be taken many ways. You can drink the juice. The dried amla powder can be made.The sauce can also be eaten and amla.
  • Amla Murabba relieve constipation by drinking milk after eating is over.
  • Constipated from eating tomatoes is over. Tomato salad with eating raw food is beneficial.
  • Tomato soup can be drunk. Frozen tomatoes stubborn intestinal accurate measure of the old sewage cleaning.
  • Brinjal vegetable, Cholai vegetable, vegetable spinach, mango, gram, a mixture of milk and honey is easy sense of humour. Aunty bowel movement.
  • Mango juice drink better and lighten up her hot milk drink.
  • A pinch of salt water in a copper vessel overnight and drink it in the morning covered put is relief in constipation.
  • Luke warm in warm water with a pinch of salt and drink before going to bed is cleaned intestines. And faux slips easily compacted feces during defecation.
  • Put a teaspoon of salt on the tongue oil Arnde night drink / swallow comes from the wastes.
  • Good mix of tinospora powder gives relief in constipation.
  • Using garlic while cooking vegetables in it decreases the likelihood of constipation. Garlic is an enemy of digestive stimulant and gas. So should always take garlic.
  • Cauliflower, carrots, spinach, butter, cardamom and give relief to the discomfort of constipation.
  • Drink carrot juice is beneficial in constipation.
  • Abdominal diseases by drinking a mixture of melted butter and continual Kakjnga perish.
  • Ripe red watermelon and melon helps to clean the stomach.
  • Bathua vegetable stimulant and is stated Nask constipation.
  • Lentils provides relief in constipation.
  • Bean and rice porridge to eat hot loose stomach is clear.
  • A decoction of the leaves is also decomposes people constipation. People eating the fruit bright red in the constipation relief.
  • The intake is beneficial in constipated curd.
  • Cow’s milk also Mittaha constipation.
  • Three to five grains of black pepper mixed in milk from being swallowed whole is constipation.
  • Gulkand found in milk, or milk with raisins mixed drink constipation is over.
  • Neem is bitter and deadly infection. Grind neem powder should make dried flowers and bedtime routine should be taken with water.
  • Drink bitter gourd juice mixed with salt and cumin with salt  relieves constipation disease.
  • Eating raw turnip is also clear the stomach.
  • Coriander helps break constipation coriander chutney is also beneficial.
  • Triphala, parsley and mix with equal amounts of Salt at bedtime with warm water daily take one tablespoon of the constipation is relieved.
  • Ginger, cloves and dry ginger to treat constipation erase RAM arrow. Social benefits of ginger juice mixed with honey is liable.
  • Dry ginger parsley and black mixed in equal amounts of salt and a teaspoon in the morning and make ready mix Cmc soak with water before going to sleep cures constipation.
  • Clove, parsley, pepper, salt and sugar candy in equal amounts by removing Lahori grind and squeeze lemon in it and leave it for drying. Take this mixture with warm water of the stomach is relieved of difficulties.
  • And constipation by drinking milk mixed Gulkand decomposes.
  • Lemon and ginger juice mixed with honey A Colon Cleanse gives. And alleviates constipation.
  • Eating guava is not constipation. And guava drink milk after eating the problem of chronic constipation cures in a snap.
  • Dry ginger, pulses, sugar, oil, and cumin Ilaichi and drink by mixing equal amounts is beneficial in constipation.
  • Of cinnamon oil and sugar / sugar drink is also constipation. It gives relief to the pain of indigestion powder.
  • Basil leaves, pomegranate, lychee, cashew nuts, peas, cucumber, almonds, dates, ripe banana with yogurt, asafetida, a wheat plant juice, oranges, fenugreek, urine, saffron, figs, milk and figs, radish juice, green leaves of radish, onion and radish seeds powder and cast things shadowing the digestive discomfort of constipation cures.