High blood Pressure / Hypertension causes,symtomps and treatment

Hypertension or high blood pressure , which is the common language we call High BP ,is a fatal disease. Hypertension is a silent volcano like that which is none of the above symptoms are not visible on the body after the volcano burst paralysis , Heart attack can have serious consequences like

Blood Pressure / What is Blood Pressure (BP)?

The heart through the blood vessels of the body , all the members of the relay functions. At the same time the heart’s blood flow creates a pressure on the blood vessels. Blood pressure is the pressure of blood. BP helps your whole body blood transfusions.

What is normal blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a device called a sphygmomanometer is a measured  . for a healthy person blood pressure shrinking time /systolic blood pressure 120 mmgh and rest in that position / Diastolic blood pressure 80 mmgh happens . it is usually written 120/80 mmgh.

High Blood pressure/ What is Hypertension?

When your systolic blood pressure 140 mmgh or above ad diastolic blood pressure 90 mmhg gets up , then high blood pressure /hypertension is called high bp  . Each person blood pressure is changing every day and every hour Much work . fear , anxiety , grief , anger etc. In the event of exercise increase blood pressure  for some time . So if a person blood pressure is more common in a position regularly and her doctor hypertension is called high blood pressure . Hypertension is not diagnosed until then until your blood pressure checked several times and it is not remaining high .

High blood pressure / Hypertension symptom

Do you have high blood pressure , most of people would not have any significant symptoms of high blood pressure is when blood pressure in some people got headache or looking threw eyes not clear. There fore it is necessary that after the age of 30  you need to check up your high blood pressure .

High blood pressure /how to control hypertension ?

  • Blood pressure according to the doctor’s instruction take medicine regularly
  • Medical examination conducted on time
  • Reduce your excess weight
  • Doctors advice that the regular exercise
  • Qualified making changes in your eating
  • Eat such as grains – wheat ,rice ,rye,corn , sprouted pulses , fish vegetables and fresh fruits etc.
  • Such as vegetable oil – sunflower oil or soybean oil to use
  • Do not use excess butter , ghee ,dalda ,chips ,chicken meat , pickles papad and sauce.
  • Eat more salted food . that eat the small casket on the table to remove the salt.
  • Always make use of fresh green vegetable

Potassium intake of food to more volume . bananas ,oranges ,potatoes, tender coconut water and food such as potassium .


Modify your life style

  1. Stress free life
  2. Not quit life
  3. To reduce the amount of alcohol
  4. Tobacco to stop eating
  5. Yoga, pranayama , meditation
  6. regular exercise

When should contact doctor immediately when such symptoms apperar

1.sharp headache

2. chest pain or heaviness

3. changes in sight

4. dizziness

5. respirator distress

6. face , arms or legs sudden numbness , weakness ,tingling