Hiv Symptoms & Hiv Test

HIV is a virus that is the human body’s acquired immune deficiency syndrome. This virus send  negative impact on the person’s body and weakens the immune system day by day. When it comes to India are not taken to stop the AIDS cases. The highest HIV AIDS case (13107) have been registered in the state. The second is Andhra Pradesh.

Compared to the previous years, the number is constantly growing. 209-10 246 627 cases in the whole country came to 320 114 in 2010-11 were increased.From April to December, there have been 275 377 cases. Proper care in case of illness, it takes the form of increased AIDS.

According to a survey, HIV does not produce it in the first stage and the person in treatment is delayed. 12 early HIV symptoms so you have to be aware of.

Once again – fever:

Every two to three days to feel feverish and often rapid fever, HIV is the first symptom.


Over the last few days before fatigue or feeling tired all the time is the early symptoms of HIV.

Muscle Stress:
You did not do any heavy physical work or you do not do any work, even muscle tension and stiffness is always. It is also a symptom of HIV.

Joint pain and swelling:
Dhlti age before you are pain and swelling in the joints, then you need to get an HIV test.

Rankle throat:
Often complain of low water due to the ripening throat but if you drink enough water, and even your sore throat and throat  feel awful, so this is not good signs.

Light in the head all the time – stay dull pain, pain in the morning and in the rest of the day with increased HIV largest increase in pain symptoms.

Slow – Slow weight loss:
HIV not immediately decreases the weight of the patient. Everyday Slow – slow systems have an impact on the body and weight loss occurs. In the last two months there has been no effort on your weight loss, get the Czech.

Rashes on skin :
The body of the light red or Rashes  in skin  fall is also a symptom of HIV.
Be unnecessarily stress:
But still you have a problem is stress, talk – then cry on, no doubt, you are required to check for HIV.
All the time Nausea or vomiting after eating the body of the HIV virus to be Indicate.

Always keep cold:
The weather in your very friendly but that condition is also running nose. Sneeze comes with all the time and must always have a handkerchief.

Dry cough:
It was not awful, but you always cough cough comes on. Cuffs do not have any Bld. Sample mouth is malfunctioning. If you largely of these symptoms in your body takes you there and have an HIV test.