How to Increase Platelets Count in Our Blood

This season than common dengue infection, the daunting it is totally overcoming stigma. Since dengue are rapidly decreasing blood platelets in the body during the so diet by incorporating these things you can fit completely tight.  Dengue during the body resistant capacity decreases so vegetables boiled or raw rather than cooked lighter bike.

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Red fruits and vegetables

Tomatoes, plums, watermelon, cherry, minerals and vitamins in fruits and vegetables, etc., as well as antioxidants are the good amount of auks are helpful. These help to increase blood platelets in the body.

Beet and carrot

Beet juice are good amounts of antioxidants that stimulate the body’s resistant. If two to three teaspoons of beet juice drink a glass of carrot juice in the blood platelets are rapidly increasing.

Beet and carrot
Beet and carrot

Papaya leaves juice

Body resistant to papaya for recovery of blood plates and increase or leaves juice also is very beneficial. The papaya leaves boiled in water like tea drink, it will taste like green t.

Papaya helping to increasing platelets
Papaya helping to increasing platelets

Coconut water

Coconut water are good electrolytes in quantity. Also it is a good source of minerals in the blood platelets which help to meet the shortage.

coconut water
coconut water

Pumpkin juice

Half glass of pumpkin juice add two teaspoons of honey in twice the number of platelets in the blood from taking is rising.

Tinospora cordifolia

Tinospora cordifolia juice blood white blood cells is quite helpful in increasing. During regular dengue in seven blood plates resistant and grows stronger.




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