iOS 10.2: Apple has released new updates

New York : iOS 10.2 Apple released new updates, Apple IOS  (iPhone operating system) 10 has issued a new update. IOS 10.2 last month, was made available as a beta version and now it is officially available ios. There are many features in 10.2 but the special SOS for Indian users . The IOS 10 version that was released on September 13 for Compatible Devices. This new version is have special feature for Indian users .

SOS Feature

SOS in the official change log Information about the feature buttons, but after updating your device users can see this feature. After pressing the Home button 5 times and the feature will work Emergency No. 112 will take the call. According to a report by Apple Devices 112 Adapt your number will be in January next year.


Live while clicking photos and fast frame rates are expected to improve stabilization . RAW support for digital cameras have been too. Also the camera settings to change the camera settings on the app to re-open will not need to re-set.

TV. App

In the new update for users of US TV App covers. Apple TV. TV on the iPhone or iPad users who use Be able to see through the App favorite shows or movies.  Apple TV  App By users to connect to the apple tv  has been content can be viewed on the iPhone to be seen.

Changes in the new Emoji and Messages

IOS Version 10.2 100 new emoji (newcomers, food, animals and the emoji Profanation) . Latest Standard are based on Unicode 9.0. Messages celebration full screen effects also add new love and has been.

News App

Saved in News App News section you’ll see all the saved. Dedicated Stories section will appear in the paid subscribed channels. When reading a news story will appear new swipe left.

For updating ios 10 update you need to go official website or need to click update button on your apple phone. Its easy to update and after update you got special feature of apple iphone.