iPhone 7 Launch Today , several changes appear to increase sales

Desk gadget. Apple on Wednesday will launch its new phone iPhone 7. IPhone 7 is coming at a time when the company is declining phone sales. The company has great expectations from this phone the production is also  10% has been extended. With new features and changes in the timing of the handset has been launched.Before Sept. 27, after the company had launched new products, but this time it is already being done. The handset even slim, water resistant and has been trying to do better. 3 variants will be launched. These iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 7 Pro include iPhone. India will launch what will be its price and when …

– Macworld.co.uk report that UK sales will start on September 16 with the iPhone 7.
– The handset was launched in India at the moment there is no information about, but there are speculation Available in the Indian market in the first week of October that will be made.
– that being said, the company last year during Navratri iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was launched in India.
– However, Phone Radar According to the website, 32GB is the lowest price of the iPhone 7. Its price is Rs 53 150.
Dismantled many traditions, instead of 7 iPhone 6 might be called SE
– Without the “S” model proved to be successful for the company. Apple’s new phone with several traditions can break this time.
– In the last week of September, Apple traditionally launches new phone. The company’s financial year begins on September 27 and at the same time a new product is announced. But this time it disturbs tradition.
– The product will be launched in the first week of September. Apple launches new phone is one year and the next year “s” version brings. S version of the old updates.
– It was launched in 2014, 6 and 6 Plus. 6 S and 6-S Plus introduced last year. From this perspective, the new phone should come in 2016.
– Experts say the next iPhone will take ten years. Then you can see a big change. Some experts say that the new phone’s name iPhone may be 7 instead of 6 SE.
Many countries will be less than the price of the new iPhone (potential)
iphone7buzz.com leaking the official website of the iPhone is believed to be 7, 7 iPhone prices in different countries has revealed.
– 7 of the iPhone in other countries it can be said that in view of prices in India, the price a bit expensive iPhone could be a possible 7.
– IPhone 7 price in India will be less than other countries, according to the website, call the radar.
Country-priced (16 / 32GB models)
– US $ 900 and $ 950
– 700 UK and 750 pounds
– Canada 1150 and the Canadian dollar in 1200
– 1200 and 1300 Australia Australian Dollar
– UAE 3350 and 4000 dirhams
The company is now facing the challenge of declining sales
– About 85% of the smartphone market, with Samsung and Huawei of China, giving it a strong collision.
– Two consecutive quarterly decline in sales of the iPhone, Apple still has a lot of expectations from the new phone. It has increased its production by 10%.
– The iPhone 7 before competing Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7. Due to the problem of the battery bursts in 10 countries including the US had to recall the phone.
– Korean company wants to bring into the market again soon fix the phone. 7 may be the buyer at the time the iPhone. Samsung will recall 35,000 crore loss.