iPhone 7 : Read before launching this mobile’s big things

The next iPhone is expected to be launched in September, but before launching 4 months its news goes viral on social media . Mobile information leaks and discussions about the connection between let’s know that the iPhone can be special 7.

Launching Date

If Apple doesn’t change its program suddenly so a iPhone 7 can be launched in mid-September. The company even before launch during several phone has the same. Price may rise slightly.

New Specification

Online discussions are being told this phone handset airtight. In the case of technology, Apple is capable in designing an almost airtight models. A Person  claimed that apple iPhone 6 is also water restating. But Sony and Samsung, which have already airtight mobile-cell Apple about it don’t think he will join the party. Over the past few days, these discussions continue in which speculation about new storage capacity has to be planted, which increased from 128 GB 256 GB now can be. Some sources reported that apple iPhone7 in induction based charging system with Wireless charging feature also gives.

Multi Function Connector

It is estimated that another new feature in the handset may be the smart connector. Apple iPad Pro, we watched it. These connection port power and data transfer, such as keyboard and compatible accessories can the external batteries. Already this feature can add to their future iPhone handset.

No Headphone Socket

The biggest social network on which discussion is Headphone of the apple iPhone 7 Jack. It is being reported that the company may delete the Headphone Jack. It can be used to replace lighting connector from Apple, who have yet to connect to a computer to recharge handset or it had to work. Headphone replace some models standard Jack use this kind of connection.

The sudden jump in supplier ‘s Shares

Foxconn, Apple’s large supplier in Asia-Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing technology, Pegatron Catcher & co. (TSMC) got to see a jump in Shares. A Taiwan newspaper claimed that Cupertino tech firm has 72 million apple iPhone 7 handset is ordered. It is being described by experts from more than 65 million.

The Outlook

The launch of the iPhone in 2007 by leaks and discussions since its success played a big role in. There is no doubt that in 2016 is going to repeat it again.