iPhone 7 release date, price and features

Desk gadget. Apple’s WWDC conference in 2016, this time the 27th was the release iOS 10.Currently, the beta version of the operating system is released, but the full version will be launched in September with an iPhone 7. got a glimpse of the many new features in iOS 10. All these features can be found in the iPhone 7. We are going to tell you about the new features of iOS 10.7 users will get to all iPhone software settings. What are the new features ….
1. Control All “Home” in Just One click –
Apple’s smart home system is active for a long time, but now with iOS 10 you can easily control.Home app with the iPhone will be able to control the whole house. Apple Home Kit is installed in your home, then you just wake up from “Good Morning Siri” will speak. Siri will do so on the coffee maker, the lights will dim, the alarm will stop and the settings that you have set will be met.
The new lock screen
After Apple’s Touch ID Introduces the lock screen system was shut down. Now with iOS 10 Lock screen system has come once again. He will take up as soon as you call blinks.
New Notification- 
Another new feature of the iPhone with iOS 10 will come in 7. It has interactive notifications. All notifications can be Dismiss together and launch an app can be. Has also changed the look of the notification panel.
Swipe Shortcuts –
Apple’s new iOS 10 swipe shortcuts have come. This means you can open the camera and swipe the screen left to right swipe widgets, swipe another one and will function.
Apple Music-
Apple’s Music app, which was launched last year at WWDC accolades, but the design did not like the users. Now with the new iPhone, Apple has changed the design of music. Lyrics, music previously  such features are downloaded.
News –
Apple with iOS 10 has introduced a new news app. The new app also small screen has been designed to work well. You can customize it according to your Interest.
Live photos of the last time the iPhone was one of the most important features in iOS 10 photos so now the operating system will recognize its own. Then photos of a trip by the club to make a clip.These clips can be edited, and these songs can be fitted according to your shares may be.

When will it be released?

Apple has confirmed the date for its annual product launch event on September 7 .

How much will it cost?

For the last two years the cheapest model of the latest iPhone has cost £539.