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iPhone 8 May be the first dual sim Apple iPhone

iPhone 8 May be the first dual sim Apple iPhone

What are the  reason why Android with dual-SIM card feature are Famous. Because they are So useful, specially in countries like India where people love to  choices in what network they use. But the apple iPhone just like many other high-end Android doesn’t have this feature. But just like many other high-end Android, most famous in the Samsung Galaxy S7, it is possible that the next Apple iPhone become first  iPhone 8 in 2017  come with support for two SIM support.

According to a report by Forbes News Agency , Apple iPhone company has filed an application with the Chinese intellectual office for a patent that  support for dual-SIM card feature in a apple iPhone. At the same time, the Apple company has also submit  similar application getting approved by the US patent office before this week.
Some android devices have the capability of using dual SIMs,” notes the US patent. This allows “users to maintain different wireless services, such as for personal & business purpose.”

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This is a -so-important feature, the support for dual-SIM cards in a Android has best for phone companies. Most all the mainstream and budget phones nowadays sold in India support two SIM cards because consumers here like to use multiple SIM cards for multiple purposes. One SIM card they need  use for data, while the other one is used for message and calls purpose.


Importance of the feature, companies have started putting it in even high-end phones. One Plus 3, which is no doubt India’s most famous  phone of 2016, and now One Plus 3T support dual-SIM feature and so does the Galaxy S7.

Apple will release its next Android iPhone, likely to be called iPhone 8, may be launch in September 2017. This is going to be the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone and  the expectations from the phone are high. The Apple iPhone 8 is also due for a redesign this year given the fact that Apple has used the same design after the 2016 when it came out with the iPhone 6.

Some feature in Apple iPhone 8 are below which is very interesting :-

  1. Apple iPhone 8 first apple phone come with dual sim.
  2. Edge or curved display in apple new i phone .
  3. New apple iPhone have no home button & also big display without increasing size of phone.
  4. Most power full processor called A11 Processor.
  5. New technology which is introduced in apple iPhone called wireless charging.
  6. New iPhone 8 comes with water & dust proof similar to iPhone 7.


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