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iPhone 8 release date,price,features and rumors

iPhone 8 release date,price,features and rumors

iPhone 8 : You all know  iPhone 7  launched on 7 September 2016 but the waiting rumors  about iPhone 8 were most  prior to iPhone 7 release. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 release date may fall in 2017 in September.

According to the report, Apple iPhone 8  is expected to launch this  year.Company is going to launch iPhone 8 three variants. In one Version of Apple iPhone 8 have 5.5 Inch OLED Screen and these is company premium Smartphone.

Apple Company Officials says that Apple iPhone 8 comes in three sizes , 4.7 inch, 5 inch & 5.5 inch. Also in next iPhone have no home screen button.

What is Difference in OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)  LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) 

LCD is old technique and its need back light. Another side OLED is new technique & it does’t need any back light.

LCD technique consume much power against OLED technique. Also OLED have better contrast then LED.

iPhone 8As said that this year 2017 Apple company celebrate 10th anniversary. iPhone 8 have upgraded & Power  full upgraded processor. All new design upgraded Ram , Storage, camera and other fantastic features.

Below is chart shows that iPhone Previous version release date (USA)

iPhone                     iPhone Release date

iPhone Original            2007,June

3G iPhone                      2008, July

3G S iPhone                   2009,June

iPhone 4                         2010 , June

iPhone 5                        2011 , September

iPhone 5,6,7 Plus        2012,to 2016 September

iPhone 8 Specification

As you know Apple company always doing different things & try to introduced new things. So we predict that Apple iPhone  Specification is so advance. May be it will be work with A 11 Chip ,hexa core processor with 2.80 GHZ Coupled. Also expected 4 GB ram which makes iPhone 8 so fast.

If we talk about iPhone 8 Camera , then we expected for better quality 15 Megapixel camera.

iPhone 8 Price Expected

Model Storage United Kingdom Australia United States
iPhone 8 Plus 32 GB 600-650 Pound $1050-1100 700-800
128 GB 650-700 Pound $1200-1300 800-900
256 GB 700-800 Pound $1350-1400 900-950
iPhone 8  32 GB 800-850 Pound $1250-1300 800-850
128 GB 850-900 Pound $1300-1400 900-950
256 GB 900-1050 Pound $1450-1500 950-1050


Apple iPhone 1st Update

Apple iPhone 8 rumors is break all record of previous version of apple iPhone. Most of phone is drawback is scratch make phone dull . But this apple phone is scratch resistant. Latest update & design gives phone Premium looks.

Apple iPhone 2nd Update

According to the British news paper website Express UK that Apple company is working on new things. This website says that Apple is may be introduced Wireless Charging in iPhone 8. May be Apple iPhone 8 Released this year September.

News paper says wireless technique charging is new in Android field. For the help of this wireless charging we able to charge our phone 15 Foot Distance. Oh my god no one hear about this.

Another new updates may be music system up-gradation , dual 12 Megapixel camera. So guys cross your finger & wait of Apple iPhone 8.

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