Janmashtami 2016 : Right Time to worship In Janmashtami

New Delhi : In 2016 the Krishna Janmashtami Celebration is 25 August 2016 .This time janmashtami is very important because of “Rohini Nakshtra”. This year ‘Laddu gopal’ Birthday is very special for all .

This is very special coincidence because its comes after 52 years .


Let us know Right time  worship of Krishna janmashtami

Kashi  Astrology Pandit Diwakar Sharma says on August 24 night 10:17 minutes will take only from ashtami. But keeping the good day on Thursday lent itself so keen born same day fast. This time the Rohini nakshatra looks so the best worship time nishita midnight 12 am-12:45 pm by ranging.

At the moment by the worship offerings can keep fast while passing time is 10:52, on 26 minutes but those who do not believe that Lord Krishna’s birth passing and worship the night after 12:45 a.m. can break your vow after.