Johanna Budvig Cure 1000 cancer patients without any treatment

How come our problems in the treatment of cancer patients. Would have to bear the unbearable pain. And 99% of cancer patients do not rest. But you know a single woman who had the thousands of cancer patients without the drug, only domestic medical.

Let’s go to the medical system. And worship such a great woman.

Introduction: Dr. John budavig were (born September 30, 1908 – died on May 19, 2003) and the world-renowned German chemistry specialist physician. He expert in physical science, chemistry science, the natural sciences and a Master of Science degree in medicine. Of. She was working at the highest position in the food and pharmaceutical sector, and the German government and the government of the Special Adviser. She was a well-known expert on fats and oils of Germany and Europe. He’s very search for the treatment of fat, oil and cancer. His name was selected 7 times for the Nobel Prize.

She was a lifelong vegetarian. Also in the final days of life, he looked much younger than beautiful, healthy, and your age. He did a lot of research for the first time on the saturated and unsaturated fats. He’s the first time recognized the essential fatty acid omega-3 and omega-6 to identify and develop the paper chromatography technique. They studied the effects on our body.

They also discovered that the omega – 3 how to protect our body from various diseases, and healthy omega-3 and omega-6 body should have equal amounts. So they “omega-3 Lady” is also known by the name.

What is that Treatment

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for his research on the cancer was. They discovered that the main cause of cancer cells in respiration to be interrupted. If you get enough oxygen to the cancer cells can not exist. Warburg did not know it then, but that cancer cells may disrupt respiratory how to fix |

Energy for their metabolism, oxygen is normally assumed. Cells of the cancer to flourish in the absence of oxygen and acidic medium. Cancer cells do not breathing oxygen. If the supply of oxygen to the cells for 48 hours then it should be reduced approximately 35 percent are converted into cancer cells. If you get enough oxygen to the cells not only survived cancer but Warburg Hakunhonen many trials that it could not be done exactly how the cancer cells inhibit breathing. Dr. Johanna Warburg continued research.

Years of research explored by the electron-rich, very rich in unsaturated omega-3 fat linseed, linseed or Flaxseed, which is in English, the oil fills the new energy in the cells, the cells that produce healthy reefs and oxygen to the cells draws. Their main problem was the linseed oil which is dissolved in the blood, the cells to be transported? After several years of testing. Dr. Johanna found that sulfur-containing proteins such as cheese mixed with linseed oil, makes the oil water soluble and oil is a direct pass to cells. This rich oxygen reaches cells and cancer seems to be over |

John budavija Vihar anti-cancer diet:

Diet Doc Budvij resort cruel, devious, insidious, difficult, painful cancer of the cheap, simple, accessible, comprehensive, and secure solution. The electrons used in diet foods containing fresh (organic where possible) should be. Most foods in the diet in the form of salads and juices are taken, the patient should be prepared fresh at Brpurilektrons. Dr. Budvij placed great emphasis on the Ilektrons. Dr. Budvij Ilektrons rich in linseed oil and other food containing Ilektrons is also advised to take more and more. After this treatment is said that the little things are important. A small carelessness could affect the pharmacological effects of diet .

Daily intake of sunlight is essential. It also provides vitamin-D. Twice a day for ten minutes off clothes must lie in the sun. Five minutes straight lie and lie down side by altering the inverted five minutes every part of the body benefits of sunlight. The patient should also be a day of linseed oil massage increases the flow of the body and toxin  get out.

Cancer is Cureable

Patient all pollution (such as mosquito sprays etc.) and electronic devices (such as the CRT TV etc.) from radiation should be avoided as far as possible. Place the patient synthetic woolen clothes, use should wear linen and cotton fabrics. Foam mattresses also be made of cotton and polyester fibers to replace .

If the patient’s condition deteriorated, or if he is not able to properly Diet linseed oil enema should also Dina. Dr. Budvij for such patients, “temporary” diet used to prescribe. This temporary diet to liver and pancreas cancer patients because they can not digest food Budvij initially complete. Temporary diet for a few days the patient than normal ground flax seed meal and papaya, grapes and other fruit juice is given. A few days later when the digestive power of the patient is cured, it has gradually started eating whole Budvij .


Prataak Glass Sovrcrot (yeast grew cabbage), a glass of juice or buttermilk stay. Sovrcrot rich in vitamin C and anti-cancer substances and increases the digestive power. It is not available in our country, but it can be made at home by leaven cabbage .

Cow or goat milk to make cheese is best. Make it very fresh, immediately drink while enjoying plenty to chew chewing. 3 tablespoons or 45 M. 6 tablespoons of linseed oil and nearly 90 M. Electrical Hand Blender cheese thoroughly mix one minute. Combine cream cheese should be like oil and oil should not be visible. When blending the mixture began to thicken oil and cheese, then mix 1 or 2 tablespoons grapefruit juice or milk. Now grind and mix 2 tablespoons fresh linseed. Linseed within fifteen minutes after the grinding work must take .

Mix Strawberry, Rasberry, blackberries etc. Milaaen fruit. Elejik acid in berries, which are anti-cancer. ½ cup chopped fruit if you want other mix. It sliced ​​nuts apricots, almonds, walnuts, raisins, dry fruits etc. Sjaae Munkke. Peanut is prohibited. Fruits sulfur-containing proteins, fats and vitamins. Vanilla to taste, sugar, pulses, fresh Cacao, grated coconut or lemon juice can be added .

Day total honey and 3-5 tablespoons not take over. Remember, honey is natural and unadulterated. Canned or refined will not. 6 or 8 day must eat apricot seeds. They contain vitamin B-17, which is to destroy cancer cells. Fruit, nuts and spices use change. Om create clause must take within ten minutes. And if you wish to eat tomatoes, radish, cucumber and salad with buckwheat, millet, etc., take a bread made of whole grain flour. Budvij is considered the best grain to buckwheat. Gahu heavy to digest the gluten and is therefore rarely used to have |

10 Am

1 hour after breakfast at home made fresh carrots, radish, pumpkin, beetroot, carrot juice and fresh. Carrots and beetroot give strength to the liver and are extremely anti-cancer .

Lunch :-

  • Half an hour before lunch Take a hot herbal tea. Raw vegetables such as parsnip, turnip, radish, carrots, cabbage, green cabbage, asparagus, etc. salad with homemade salad dressing or Kinfolks stay. 1-2 tablespoons 1-2 tablespoons cheese dressing mixture of linseed oil and a teaspoon of apple vinegar or lemon juice and spices make up.
  • If you have to sweet grape salad with linseed oil, orange or apple juice or honey got it. If you still have hunger boiled or cooked in steam mixed with vegetables, flour bread can take a couple. Kinfolks on vegetables and bread (the coconut, linseed oil, onion, garlic is) can also enter. Spices, vegetables and fruits changed – changed Leven. Take a daily teaspoon fennel oil. Stress-free food and plenty to eat prunes.

The second section Diet:-

  • Now snacks like cheese 3 tablespoons of the mixture of linseed oil and 6 tablespoons fresh fruit, nuts and spices stay. It is necessary. Yes ground linseed casts this time.

Noon :-

  • Pineapple, cherry or grape juice Mix a teaspoon of linseed and plenty fresh grind chewing, saliva slowly sipping a mixed drink to take. After half an hour if you want to take a glass of juice.

Third Diet :-

  • Papaya or blue berry (blue berries) Take plenty of juice a tablespoon of linseed grind fresh prunes, found in saliva slowly – slowly sipping the drink taken. Are rich in papaya enzyme and digestion are fine.

Evening Diet :-

  • Evening without putting oil or other vegetable soup vegetables Create method. Add the spices. Take Flex and Kinfolks ripe East. B vitamins are in East flex give the body strength. Tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, onions, asparagus, bell peppers, spinach, cabbage, kale, green cabbage (broccoli), and plenty of vegetables. You broth boiled buckwheat, brown rice, yam, potatoes, lentils, beans, peas or lentils mixed flour bread with whole park.
Budvij diet extremely important point:
  1. Dr. Johanna chemotherapy, radiotherapy, vegetable oil, trans fat, butter, ghee, sugar, sugar, molasses, Rifaind oil, soybeans and soybean milk produced and Tofu etc., preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, synthetic fabrics, mosquito spray, the market open and close the packet foods, poultry, meat, fish, poultry, flour etc were advised to refrain from complete. Cancer patient sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, etc. was forbidden to use.
  2. In this treatment it is necessary to use all the incoming fresh foods, containing organic and electrons. Throw leftover dishes.
  3. Linseed Pisen only when needed. The worst is to keep grinding. Oil temperature (42 ° C, it gets worse), light and oxygen Save. You fill in the deep freeze Keep darker character.
  4. At least three times a day make green or herbal tea.
  5. This is of great importance in the treatment of sun. Touring is sit in the sun for a while or you vitamin D, which is obtained. Get energy from the sun.
  6. Pranayama, meditation and light-weight as possible to exercise or yoga.
  7. Home atmosphere relaxed, happy, loving, spiritual and must be positive. You hear good music, plenty of laugh, jump, play. Do not get angry.
  8. Two or three times a week to take steam baths or saunas.
  9. Drink clean and filter the water.
  10. Benefit from this treatment and the treatment gradually taken properly speaking, usually a year or less completely cures cancer. Diseases after taking the treatment should be 2-3 years or life.
  11. Take care of your teeth you need to  protected from infection.
  12.  It really is the culmination of human greed. Imagine if all cancer patients seem to recover from linseed oil and cottage cheese for cancer.Radiotherapy equipment maker expensive and big economic losses of multinational companies. So they go to any lengths Dr  Johanna had access to the treatment of the common man. In the course of their medical treatment not ever happen.
  • His condition was laid chemotherapy and radiotherapy also have to take the Nobel Prize in their treatment included the DR do Johanna had ever approved.
  • What millions of cancer patients who could be cured with this treatment.These greedy souls of multinational companies should be able to forgive? ? ? But today we have the knowledge and we have resolved to pick up cancer every patient.
  • DR. John Lord Sri Krishna is the treatment of those Sudarshan Chakra, which is difficult to avoid a cancer.


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