Kidney renal disease details Kidney Function Test

Other body parts like kidneys are critical. His whole body go haywire texture worsens, so they require special care. Many small things can be done by adopting prevent a disease of the kidneys. In the world as long as the country is becoming more advanced kidney (kidney) disease in people is rising. How many people suffer from this disease in our country, the same idea can be applied naturally.

The kidneys are the equivalent of human fist. There Hankering on either side of the spine play a key role in maintaining health. His most important work in that filter wastes from the blood as urine out of the body, and to maintain the chemical balance. They also go well with the hormone. At least 110 liters of blood per day passes through the kidneys. The waste material from the blood by clearing kidneys, creatinine, urea, potassium, toxic substances and excessive water out of turn.

Blood when the kidneys are unable to find out much water, it is due to her blood pressure rises and the heart is forced to work more.

Kidneys and various minerals in the body to control the water level help. In addition, they are also important for the following production:

  • vitamin D
  • red blood cells
  • Hormone in controlling blood pressure

Kidney disease symptoms / signs of kidney disease

Kidney short time (temporary) of the disease, such as kidney or urine tract infection, to be the formation of kidney stones, loose motion because of the lack of water in the body, and can embark injury. As well as taking some medications also affect kidney function. Most of kidney failure due to permanent illness. The disease begins when the kidneys to remove the undesirable substances from the body  consecutive 3 months to live.

Other symptoms are: –

  • Swelling of hands and feet to be
  • B. P. The level big stick
  • Blood in urine come
  • frequent urination
  • Difficulty in urination come
  • Loss of appetite

If you are  feel any of these symptoms then it means that your kidneys are not working properly. Contact your doctor immediately. And kidney function test you need to be done. This simple blood test, so you can identify kidney problems.

Kidney stones / kidney / Kidney Stone in Hindi

When kidney stones seem to be small then kidney problem arises. These are usually middle-aged (35 years old) or have checked out then begins. But it is not necessary because the stones in children under the age of youth and observes. Piss (urine) from chemical elements found in calculus is formed. These elements include calcium, phosphorus, uric acid.

May have one or more kidney stones. Sometimes the stones through urine without any pain if it comes out to be large, 2-3 mm, then they tend to cause blockage in the ureter. In this situation it is very intolerable pain.

Kidney stones (Kidney Stone) pain is quite sharp. When the calculus moves from its place here and there is more pain then.Urine in the bladder and the kidneys and then gets shifted from Ureter

Kidney disease / kidney disease treatment

  • Eat healthy food
  • Drink more water
  • A daily 30-minute walk faster and faster
  • Body weight limit, keep in regular
  • Reducing the use of salt
  • Daily Exercise
  • Reduce the intake of drugs and other things Smuking
  • Reduce intake of painkillers medicines

Parameters available in kidney function tests

  • Uric acid (Uric Acid)
  • Serum urea (Serum Urea)
  • Serum Creatinine (Serum Creatinine)
  • Urea / creatinine ratio (Urea / Creatinine Ratio)
  • Blood urea nitrogen (become) (Blood Urea Nitrogen) (BUN)
  • Bun / Creatinine ratio (BUN / Cretinine Ratio)

How are kidney function tests?

A normal kidney function tests are blood-based test. There are many parameters which displays the health of the kidney.Kidney function tests reported in kidney parameters include general limitations. A phlebotomist or technician remove the test sample of blood from your hand. Collection can be arranged from the house. The result would come within 24 hours.

Which laboratories are available for kidney function tests?

Kidney function tests are used by many pathology labs. you by calling this number 08882668822 and choose your nearest lab can also book online by visiting our test.

Several laboratories on our panel is that you can choose as you wish.

  • Thyrocare Technologies
  • Metropolis
  • Niramaya
  • Accuprobe
  • Allianz Health
  • X-ray people
  • Mahajan Imaging
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Oncquest


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In India, kidney function tests (KFT) of the price / cost of kidney test

Kidney function tests vary according to the price of every lab can be. Some laboratories are premium price for its brand, while others cheap because they do not spend more on marketing. LabsAdvisor you, you need to select the best lab lets. The table below you can see the minimum cost of kidney function tests. Link your selected options on the page will take you to several laboratory.