How to know any one gmail password , this trick goes viral

Gadget desk : How to know any one gmail password, this trick goes viral .  90 per cent of users who work on the Internet has an account on Gmail. Gmail’s service is quite fast and it has many features. Not only that, it gives every user 15GB of free storage Kwaud. Gmail or your important documents, photos or videos can be saved. Which will open when needed anywhere. Now imagine that you will know the passwords of Gmail can be easily crack or hack, what reaction would you?
Is a viral video on YouTube these days. These videos January 4, 2017 was uploaded, which have seen thousands of users. With Gmail account password in the video to find out the other trick is reported. Not only that, when we follow the trick then it is working. Password cracking the trick was not even 10 seconds.
Note: This trick will only work on the Gmail or other account passwords which are saved. Login ID or password is written down in the box can then be detected. You can also watch the video on the last slide.


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