Lung cancer causes, symptoms and prevention

Lung Cancer Symptoms and Prevention

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer found in both men and women, which increases the risk of death.It is risky because Lung Cancer is very low symptoms so we can not identify that we have lung cancer. but today we will tell you most common symptoms and prevention of lung cancer .

Lung cancer
Tobacco –

Most lung cancer occurs in people who use tobacco most . The lung cells which breaks down the cancer cells begin to grow abnormally due form.

Asbestos –
Asbestos is a stone used for the buildings. The resulting fumes when the person takes a breath in the lungs affects. This increases the risk of lung cancer.

Radon: –
smelly gases that arise from the soil. This exposure increases the risk of lung cancer .

Symptoms: –
In patients with lung cancer symptoms usually appear.
Trouble making in breathing
-Chest Pain
-Weight loss fast
– Blood in cough
-Loss of appetite

This is not necessary that all those symptoms is lung cancer. You need to go doctor for check up . If doctor prescribed then start your treatment . Lung cancer treatment not done by single doctor. Lung cancer treatment by different doctor such as chemotherapy, or before or after Operation times during or after therapy is Radiation .

Home Remedies for Lung Cancer

  1. Use Turmeric powder
  2. Drink Carrot juice
  3. Cow Urine is also very effect
  4. Eat green vegetable
  5. Lemon Juice detox you lung
  6. Lots of salad & intake of distilled water
  7. Do not eat peanuts
  8. I recommend Gerson Therapy
  9. Raw Juices
  10. Natural supplements