Made in india Apple iphone se trail sale start

American technology giant Apple has started production of iPhone in India. IPhone SE is being assembled at the Bangalore plant. According to the report, the company has also started sale of assembled iPhone in India. However, this is also being done as a trial.

Apple’s industry sources have told PTI, “Apple is selling iPhone SE’s 32GB model in select stores of India. These phones have been assembled in India and for now it has limited units’

According to PTI, on the box of iPhone SE, ‘Designed by Apple California, Assembled in India’ is written. It is worth 27,200 rupees with all taxes on the box. That is, the price reduction is probably not expected anymore.

Significantly, the e-commerce website Flipkart has an iPhone SE price of 27,200 rupees. However here you can buy it for Rs 21,999. That is, if it was cheaper then its price would be lesser than that on the box. but it’s not like that.

According to reports, Apple is preparing to open online stores in India till Diwali. This store is expected to sell iPhone SE and iPhone 5S. It is possible that prices will be reduced even when the online store starts. The company has not yet officially told that the iPhone SE is being sold as a troyle. Not only that, it is not yet clear when the company will start its sale.

Bangalore Apple coupled with its productive Partonl Wistron Corp is assemble IPhone SE K According to PTI sources, its production was done till April.



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