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Mark Zuckerberg built an artificial system that control your house

Mark Zuckerberg built an artificial system that control your house

New York : Mark Zuckerberg built artificial system . yes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and co-created the Jarvis name Artificial Intelligence system will work like a personal Assistant. This technology detects the face of the person who will decide to come home to open the door or not. On – Offaddition to the light and will also help run the AC and toaster. Let me tell you that Hollywood Iron Man movie is shown in the Jarvis name Personal Assistant. While Zuckerberg’s name is taken from the intelligence system.

Devices connected to the mark in the absence of a common standard and faced challenges like voice recognition. Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his Facebook post, “Jarvis was a kind of challenge for me personally in 2016. Computer face and voice of this new technology addition to recognizing Patton was also able to recognize. “

This technology is very well aware of the difference sound –

Jarvis is the voice of the people understand well the difference. Zuckerberg says that he told me Office  AC on Artificial Intelligence.

Mark developed a code –

Mark Zuckerberg by the Artificial Intelligence system can point your phone or computer. Making it the language processors, such as speech and face recognition technologies . Mark used in the smart home system was in the coding of different Language. Mark himself prepared to add these cord. Zuckerberg said , “it will improve and all household appliances combine with.” At the moment it continues trying to make Android app.

Jarvis noted that the public will not mark the code as it is associated with their home security system. But he says, we built on the basis of superior products. In addition to the user’s voice will command the architects. Currently technology of Facebook’s Messenger app is being run on the Apple. Mark said that in the days to come more from the virtual reality of this technology would be selling the handset.

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